Bill Nye "The Science Guy" hosts a series that highlights the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, from the earliest time to the present day. The series features nine episodes: Evolution, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Genetics and Biology, plus a wrap up episode featuring the top 10 discoveries of all time.

The Discoveries examined here are the following:

1. Oxygen (1770s)
2. Atomic Theory (1808)
3. Atoms Combine Into Molecules (1811 onward)
4. Synthesis of Urea (1828)
5. Chemical Structure (1850s)
6. Periodic Table of the Elements (1860s – 1870s)
7. Electricity Transforms Chemicals (1807 – 1810)
8. The Electron (1897)
9. Electrons for Chemical Bonds (1913 onward)
10. Atoms Have Signatures of Light (1850s)
11. Radioactivity (1890s – 1900s)
12. Plastics (1869 and 1900s)
13. Fullerenes (1985)

Other episodes:

Earth Science

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