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oblio70 says...

thanks...Michaela was our first child, born 2004, with HLHS (basically, no left ventricle and closed aorta, and a number of holes in the heart), and we quite literally lived in Hospital for close to half the year for the whole time. We are incredibly lucky to still be together through "all this", and this is coming from 6 years after her death...and the effects/affects keep a'coming. But through it all, if we didn't experience it directly, we knew someone who did. [personal micro-example: nurse preyed, hospital lock-down/police protection, then suicide...uh...]

doubt that clarified anything...sorry.

bareboards2 said:

Can't say I understood all this.

And thanks for sharing.

Give the kid a noogie from a stranger, will you?

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oblio70 says...

Many thanks, chief. So happy to be a part of this particular community.

"I enjoy playing the band as the band. I 'be' the whole band and I'm playing the drums, I'm playing the guitar, I'm playing the saxophone. To me, the most wonderful thing about playing music is that."
~Chick Corea

chicchorea said:

Happy Birthday Michael.

May it be the best yet.


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oblio70 jokingly says...

We simple-minded Americans; they are all generic "cases" to us...could be a case of beer (cans OR bottles), or edible undies. We use too many words to distinguish. [insert crude joke about a bag of dicks]

oritteropo said:

Around here a slab would be referring to tinnies (i.e. tin cans), a carton would be referring to bottles.

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