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The Scariest Climate Science Paper I’ve Ever Read?

newtboy says...

Any sufficiently intelligent AI might just reinforce climate change as the simplest way to hobble and eradicate us with the least effort.

BSR said:

Artificial Intelligence will probably surpass climate change in destroying humanity.

The Scariest Climate Science Paper I’ve Ever Read?

The Scariest Climate Science Paper I’ve Ever Read?

newtboy says...

I think the truly scary part is that our emissions today continue to have an effect on the climate for decades - centuries, so to affect today’s climate we needed to change our emissions decades ago or find feasible, economically and ecologically viable massive carbon sequestration techniques yesterday.

That’s why I believe we are locked into massive unsurvivable changes as a best case scenario, and a mass extinction of anything bigger than a large cat. Much worse if we continue the current course.

Puerto Rico Bridge Swept Away By Floodwaters

Puerto Rico Bridge Swept Away By Floodwaters

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newtboy jokingly says...

If I could yell tampon dick shit in the classroom, I would be soooo happy!

JiggaJonson said:

When I see Trump led away in handcuffs for no other reason than because he's guilty as fuck, and he (like Bannon) freely admits he broke the law; when I see that, I will be sooooooooooo happy.

Why You Should Be Worried About This Glacier

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bobknight33 jokingly says...

Trump lives in yo0u brain, like the tumor you have.

newtboy said:

Er Mer Gerd! It’s going to officially be Toth Senchal (or something else nonsensical) because Truth Social was denied a trademark for the name….idiots didn’t research it before naming the company, two other companies have trademarks that cover that name already. $1.5-$2 mill in debt (how!?), under investigation for securities violations, and now a forced rebranding. I thought Trump was some business genius, what happened?
Everything is falling apart in MAGA world….but you still haven’t noticed it was made of cardboard and scotch tape the whole time.

Sorry, just had to share the hilarious news.

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