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newtboy says...

So, Republican Mo Brooks, who spoke at Trump’s Jan 6 pre coup rally, knew days ahead of time about the impending attack, didn’t go home but slept in his office from fear he might be followed home, and wore a bullet proof vest when he told them to “start kicking” because he had been warned there would be many armed and violent people in that crowd he was inciting. He apparently did not warn fellow representatives of the attack he had prior knowledge was inevitable.

He admitted all this publicly.

newtboy says...

Holy shit.
Did you know that three weeks ago cyber ninjas actually admitted they had installed malware into Maricopa voting machines?
I knew the machines had been invalidated after cyber ninjas had them because of fears that in their incompetence this could have happened, now it seems cyber ninjas knew it had happened (it looks intentional) but didn't admit it until three weeks ago.
These guys are the right's best digital security people?

And what did we get for this $3 million mistake? A review that any competent middle schooler could have done better, would have made fewer mistakes, and wouldn't have destroyed an entire county’s voting equipment, and wouldn't have been a dishonest tool for Trump making outrageous and completely false claims that can be debunked within an hour.
Their Twitter accounts are suspended for lying.

Now consider, cyber ninjas was demanding access to dmv computers, police, sheriff, county, and state computer systems and routers, even health care records...and would have infected every state owned system had they been given access. They want to repeat this in every county Trump lost....destroying the voting ability of any county that went to Biden. Just to replace the routers in one county would cost $6 million....and because there's a severe computer chip shortage, it would take up to multiple years to buy and install them, during which time they couldn't vote.

I think it's time to audit all counties that voted for Trump, because any county that would elect him has something seriously wrong, and because all the actual fraud found has been by his voters. If some malware disenfranchises all those voters in the next election, it will only be in an effort to secure the vote, so no foul, just like the targeted anti voting rights laws you guys are enacting to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters.

Keep in mind, Democrats have sponsored uncountable bills to safeguard the election systems nationwide, republicans wouldn’t even consider a single one. They aren’t interested in a fair vote, a safe vote, or a secure vote…only a Republican vote by any means. They’ve said so publicly uncountable times….if every eligible American has the opportunity to vote, “ you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,”-DJ Trump

siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

How'd you like Lindell's "proof" today? 5 columns of....numbers? Letters? Matrix symbols? It looked like his cat rolled on his keyboard and his crack addled brain said "we got em now!"
Yep....he sure proved election fraud with that. I guess Trump will be moving back to DC.


It's disappointing the cyber ninja lie fell apart so quickly...gullible you only had an hour or so to buy in before people with brains figured out they compared the mail in ballots sent list with the mail in ballot and early in person voting received list. I wanted you more invested before the bubble burst, next time. You were going to be so ready for civil war based on those 74000 votes they assured you were frauds but turned out to be their own incompetence at best, or much more likely another attempt to dupe the gullible and harvest your cash. Now what will you do with your white male rage?

JiggaJonson says...

Okay okay look I know we've had our differences oh, but I just learned about a really good investment opportunity. I know you are not one of the c u c k s so you'll probably want to invest all of your money in this. Have you heard of cryptocurrency oh, well it just got "Maga-fied"

If I were you I would invest all my money right now like put a new mortgage on your house and stuff because Donald Trump is a very trustworthy person, and this is totally not just another Ponzi scheme from a lifelong con man
Get your hands on some Maga coins bro

newtboy says...

Lol. Dick Tracy. I guess that’s your way of admitting I proved everything you said was dead wrong and that Trump duped you with another lie into continuing to believe the big lie, that the only way the least popular president in memory who takes absolutely no responsibility for the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands and a crumbling economy and absolutely insane deficit and debt and the almost total division of the union lost the election was if there was massive and meaningful fraud.
I doubt it, there is no amount of proof that you’re wrong that could convince you, because the belief doesn’t stem from proof, it stems from your undying faith in the blatant baseless lies of a consistent con man.

With the courts packed like sardines with Trump judges, you somehow think liberals let people off from legitimate charges. LMFAHS! Or did Biden pardon them like Trump had to pardon most of his “best people” (now called “garbage stars”) from crimes they did for him? Don’t think so.
They were released because police arrested anyone they could grab, then made up ridiculous charges, and in court had no evidence against any of them…so they were released as the law requires….except for the white supremacist right wing terrorists caught with bombs, guns, molotovs, and terrorist manifestos, there’s plenty of evidence against them. The FBI and DOD agreed the right wing terrorists like proud boys and boogaloo boys, like those I pointed out, caused approximately half the violence at BLM protests, non protester bystanders caused one quarter, and BLM protesters caused one quarter.

Nut bag fake news….which means all true but you don’t like it, right? Not a word of it can you contradict, but your mantra, fake news, will save you from acknowledging reality, that you’re in an anti American racist terrorist cult.

bobknight33 said:

Wow good going Dick Tracy.

Sadly Biden liberals let the ANTIFA and BLM terrorist out of jail with out charging so all that is nut-bag fake news twisting Anti Trump stories.

newtboy says...

And another Trump terrorist plead guilty yesterday, this one admitted to trying to hire a hit man to kill his ex girlfriend, her sister, and her brother in law, and stage the crimes to blame BLM. This crime was thwarted last year in June.

This on top of the Trump terrorist who was just charged with murder, kidnapping, and terrorism along with about a dozen other white supremacists in Florida days after being released from a 6 month sentence for his part in Jan 6, Jan 6, Jan 6.

Earlier this week a pair of Trumpsters were stopped right before bombing the Democratic headquarters in Sacramento, caught with multiple bombs, multiple guns, and thousands of rounds along with written plans for their terrorist attack.

Seems like every day a few new terrorist plots by Trumpsters, usually white supremacist Trumpsters, are uncovered and stopped by the feds, who are also a main target. Just a heads up, you belong to an anti American fascist terrorist gang.

siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

But you aren't doing that.

First y'all insist the count be stopped before mail in votes are counted. Then you insist on a recount, then another, then an audit, then another, then when all counts, recounts, and audits go against you, you insist on a purely partisan fake audit done by the actual architects of the "voter fraud" fraud.
It is not a forensic audit, you don't use insanely partisan companies built on the big lie with zero election experience using only dihard Trumpster morons, also with no experience or knowledge of how the process even works, to do any legitimate do that to create dishonest propaganda with no value...and to destroy those counties abilities to hold elections by invalidating all their election equipment and attempting to gain access to every piece of government held data on every person in the county, voters or not.

It's the exact opposite of looking for the truth, it's blatantly creating falsehoods and false questions to further the lie they created.
Democrats were fine with recounts where it was close, and audits by reputable agencies with bipartisan participation and oversight, they all proved the counts were good and matched the physical records, despite the lies you've been fed by Trump and Giuliani. They don't support the obvious circus of insanity that is the cyberninja "audit", it's stupidity in the extreme to think anyone over 65 IQ would.

Do you have more fake election fraud claims you need to have explained as to why they were tossed out of court, or were 60+ enough to prove there's nothing there, nada, zip, zilch, nunca, nothing burger royal with cheese. There weren't fraudulent / illegal votes in the double digits, and the few there were went for Trump. Litigated, prosecuted, verified. Try again, that lie died in December.
We've had multiple true counts, why can't you accept a true count?

A few Republicans committing fraud that got caught, no Democrats, and not enough votes to change a single district if they were combined. Not a single Republican that won says THEIR election was won due to fraudulent ballots, and they would have to be if the fraud you and Trump claim happened did happen. THAT'S the truth, and I've embraced it since Nov 4th.

Why do you fear the truth, little Bobby? I know you find it all so scawey, but don't fear, adults are here to hold your hand through it. Now tell daddy where the monster is and I'll show you there's nothing there.

bobknight33 said:

Calling and asking for a true count instead of fraudulent / illegal votes counted is not a crime.

Do you have another fake story that needs corrected?

Why are you not asking for a true count, a full forensic audit ?
Do you fear the truth?

BSR says...

I think you've proven that you can't handle the truth.

I also think you feel humiliation because you got beat by weak, pussy lib tards.

Be a man. Accept your loss and move on with what little self respect you may have left. Trump is a salesman and he sold you out.

bobknight33 said:

Do you fear the truth?

bobknight33 says...

Calling and asking for a true count instead of fraudulent / illegal votes counted is not a crime.

Do you have another fake story that needs corrected?

Why are you not asking for a true count, a full forensic audit ?
Do you fear the truth?

newtboy said:

Arizona secretary of state, Katie Hobbs sent a letter to the Arizona attorney general yesterday asking him to please investigate Donald Trump. And of course his close allies, Rudy Giuliani, and possibly even Sidney Powell for possible election interference in the state of Arizona.

Here's what happened in case you missed it last week, it was revealed that both the Trump white house and Rudy Giuliani on separate occasions and on multiple occasions made phone calls to officials in the state of Arizona following the November election, trying to get them to stop the counting, begging to be called back. In fact, it got so bad, the Arizona Republic detailed two separate attempts by Trump to reach Republican supervisor Clinton Hickman in the weeks after the election, as the president's allies sought to alter the election results in a state he narrowly lost to Democrat Joe Biden at the time, Hickman was chairman of the board of supervisors, the elected body that oversees elections in the state's most populous county, Maricopa. Hickman received the first call from the white house switchboard on December 31st while he was out celebrating the coming new year with his wife and friends, he let the call go to voicemail.

Second call came on the night of January 3rd after the Washington post published a recording of Trump's hour long phone call with Georgia secretary of state Hickman sought to avoid talking to the president because of ongoing litigation, any let the call go to voicemail and yes, for the record, the Arizona Republic does in fact have those voicemails where you can hear what they were trying to do. Then of course, Rudy Giuliani steps in, he starts emailing or I'm sorry, texting and calling the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican party, trying to get her to somehow interfere, stop the counting of the votes. Honestly, it is pretty much identical to what these idiots were doing over in Georgia, trying to get them to stop the vote, trying to get them to go find the votes as Trump said, and let's not forget... Trump is already under criminal investigation in Georgia. I know we all get distracted with New York, but there have been two grand juries empaneled in the state of Georgia regarding Donald Trump's potential criminal election interference in that state. That's a big deal that everybody seems to have forgotten about.

And now the same thing might happen in Arizona. There's a catch here. Arizona's attorney general, a Man by the name of Brenna Vich Is running for US Senate as a Republican. So he's got a lot, uh, got a lot at stake here. He can't PISS off Republicans by investigating Donald Trump.

Brenna Vich did, in fact, support Arizona's sweeping new voter suppression laws.

Edit: btw, multiple Republicans including but not limited to McConnell have gone public with their plan of hoping they can cause maximum chaos and division for the next 18 months because it will help them successfully block any and all legislation, then they can blame the gridlock on Democrats during the election. Total nationwide chaos with the corresponding rise in crime and damage to the economy....that's the Republican plan for victory. True patriots. 🤦‍♂️

Better donate to the Trump Twitter lawsuit quick before they manage to destroy your investment portfolio with the planned chaos...Trump can't sue social media without your cash donations because he's really a billionaire so he needs your no attention to his standard microscopic fine print explaining that he may, at his discretion, use your donation for personal debts. Doesn't matter, DONATE NOW. He needs your fight the invisible fight against those paper tigers and windmills. Please don't remember when he did the exact same thing begging for money to fight for the "election fraud" fraud in court but then pocketed the money and fired his (now disgraced and disbarred) lawyers without filing a legitimate lawsuit.

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