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Lann says...

Sorry I didn't notice this earlier (don't check my VS profile that often anymore) but I do appreciate the wall of Ol' Dirty Bastard you left and will leave it for everyone else to enjoy.

P.S. you might enjoy this postcard I made a while back.

BoneRemake said:


I just noticed at 1:41 the Ol' dirty bastard has a scar like I have, at the naval and nine inches above. meaning he has surgury in his abdomen.

that is really odd to have picked out, I am extremely protective of my scar from my surgery and here he is in a video just throwing it out. I learned something tonight.

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Lann says...

Sorry I noticed I actually read your comment wrong. So I edited it but it was too late!

It's all good, I think we are on the same page.

TheFreak said:

"I think it's funny when people I meet expect me to be crazy and interesting because I create things."

I probably did interpret your comments with my own personal bias obscuring your point.
I've know a lot of artists but I've known very few with actual technical skill. In my mind, mastering your chosen medium is a prerequisite to create art in that medium. It seems like you agree, which is what I was keying on with my comments.
Sorry if I offended.

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Lann says...

Thank you for sharing this in that awful thread. I have someone very close to me that has paranoid schizophrenia and a lot of the problem was that they were born in a time where the culture just wanted to lock them up and call them crazy. Luckily now, it's much better but still not ideal. There is still a negative stigma attached to mental illnesses.

Anyway, I'm trying to avoid the thread for now as I don't want to get too personal on VS these days. I just thought I should let you know that your comments meant something to some stranger on the internet.

Have a good day!

Chairman_woo said:

^ Just to be clear people with Schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions do have an elevated risk of committing violent acts. It's about 20% of pre diagnosed patients and around 9% of post treatment/diagnosis patients. As opposed to around 1-2% of the "normal" population.

The only big exception to this is in hospital itself where it can rise as high as 50%, however this is pretty well understood to be a product of the environment and circumstances (i.e. you are forcibly being held against your will). It's also one of the reasons you managed to evoke such hostility from me, the idea that people should just be committed/sectioned because they appear somewhat unstable is one that causes a great deal more harm that good.
There are people that are a genuine danger to themselves and or others when in the grips of an "episode", such people are why mental health sections exist, however extreme care and attention must be applied when considering someone who has yet to commit an "index offence".

If she's attacked people (or herself) before when displaying the same symptoms fine, if she has a history of refusing reasonable treatment fine, if she goes and attacks someone fine. But you can't just go around locking people up because they behave strangely. For all we know this lady has never hurt anyone and is not likely to do so, you can't make the kind of judgements your making without fully understanding the patient and the nature of their condition.
There are people I work with you'd instantly label as crazy and possibly dangerous. One guy has a trait of sometimes staring hard at you (esp strangers) while talking intensely under his breath to himself. If you saw him doing that to you and you'd never met him you'd probably shit yourself a bit (I know I did) but the dude is about as gentle as they come! He'd only ever act violently if you cornered him while he was confused and even then probably not. (never been a problem in the 2 years I worked with him)

I'm not saying this lady definitely isn't in any way dangerous, or even that it might not be better to taker her in under a section. I'm simply saying that making assumptions like that is extremely damaging both to the sufferers and to our ability to understand and help them.

Now the whole Gay/Lesbian/Transgender thing has started to become a normal part of our culture mental health is the perhaps one of the last great bullshit taboos left.

Their not crazies, THEIR FUCKING PEOPLE!!!

And I know this because I've yet to meet a truly "sane" human in my life.

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