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How Sweden Nailed Road Safety

Building Worlds First Permanent Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

Police Are Different In Norway

Fairbs says...

I notice that even though their authority is challenged, they don't escalate except for after the one kick and then they back right down to having a chat again

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Fairbs says...

That makes sense since space is a vacuum that they would test it in a vacuum. For some reason, I was thinking it was a land based telescope. I guess those are pretty much obsolete at this point.


oritteropo said:

It might help to start with what the Backplane Pathfinder actually is - it's a non-flight replica of the Webb telescope’s center backplane (that link has more info and pictures).

Chamber A allows simulating the cold environment the real telescope will face in space, and is the same vacuum chamber where Apollo spacecraft were tested.

Now, to answer your question: They are testing the test procedures for the real telescope! (source: NASA). I realise that doesn't exactly answer your question, but I haven't found details of the actual tests they plan to run... so as a distraction, here are some more images -

Fairbs (Member Profile)

Fairbs says...

No love for the Bruins? I'm appalled.

I somewhat support the Pats because my dad liked them because Brady is the QB and he went to Michigan and the Lions sucked for so long (yes weird logic). I don't care much for the Sox (or baseball in general) except for when they beat the Yankees.

enoch said:

you would be correct my friend,but i am cheating a bit.i grew up in rhode island and burr is from boston.

same diff.we all root for the sox and patriots!

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