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newtboy says...

Remember how outraged Trump was that "Obama tapped my phone!", which was actually not true, but he never stopped claiming it happened and that Obama himself should go to prison for it?

Well, no surprise, like everything Trump gets outraged over, he was actually directing his heads of the DOJ to secretly tap Democratic senators phones and computers....

"The Justice Department in 2018 secretly subpoenaed Apple for the data of two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.) and Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.), as well as the data of their current and former staffers and family members." This included minor family members.

This was a pure political fishing trip, hunting for something to accuse the senators of to bring up before the midterm election.

Once again, Trump is guilty of what he complains about. It's so consistent that it's a great indicator that he personally defrauded the election because he keeps claiming others did....and what do you know, all evidence of fraud found was Republican frauds, all designed to help diaper Don, the biggest loser....your hero.

newtboy says...

Another indicted Republican, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, admitted to helping essentially rig the election in the state of Texas so that Donald Trump would win the state. He did this by blocking 2.5 million ballot applications from being sent to Harris county, where Houston is, because if even half of Houstonians voted, Biden would have crushed Trump in Texas, and he knew it, so he blocked sending out applications for mail in ballots (and removed all but one ballot drop box for nearly 4 million voters in Harris County) by claiming they were illegal ballots.
" If we'd lost Harris county, which is where Houston is, Trump won by 620,000 votes in Texas, Harris county mail-in ballots (he actually blocked applications) that they wanted to send out were two and a half million. Those were all illegal." (They weren't though, and it seems he didn't block them elsewhere in Texas) "We were able to stop every one of them.
We would have been one of those battleground states that were counting votes in Harris county for three days. And Donald Trump would have lost the election."

It wasn't fear of fraud, it wasn't the law, it was purely because if voters voted, Trump would have lost Texas by millions of votes. That's why they suppressed the vote in certain parts of Texas. They admit it clearly. Even Texas has rejected Republicanism, but Texas republicans have no problem cheating voters and committing massive fraud if it keeps republicans in power.

One more instance of massive voter fraud by Republicans in 2020, still not a single Democratic voter fraud case, and still Big Daddy Biden crushed diaper Don by millions....without the multiple verified frauds and massive voter suppression he may have won by 20 million or more, definitely >10 mil if just Texas played fair.

Enjoy 2024. Red tsunami?

Ps, don't think I didn't notice you ignored my last post in favor of just denigrating Biden for his age while ignoring Trump's rapid slide deeper into delusional dementia, and his failing health. For fucks sake, his most trusted advisor is a brain dead crack head, the only one who agrees with his nonsense. Even you, delusional sycophant that you are, won't stoop to defend Trump's fitness for office now, you just make up nonsense about Biden to make yourself feel better instead. So sad.

newtboy says... haven't posted a dozen videos calling him dementia Joe simply because he stuttered a bit....that was bobknight34.


Sure he's given more speech, but only if you count all the times when he wandered into an event someone was having at Maralago, and they were rambling tantrums about the election, not speeches, barely actually speech.

So....You really want president Harris? What about president Pelosi? Those are the next in line...You know that, right?

bobknight33 said:

I never said or went after Biden for having a speech impediment. He doesn't

He is just too old and worn out and doesn't have it in him to be to POTUS.

Trump has given more speech than Biden since Biden been POTUS.

Joe is a worn out old man what should be home eating cookies with grand kids.

newtboy says...

You love to go after Biden for having a speech impediment, so of course you aren't going to be a hypocrite and you'll go after Trump's demented, rambling, total nonsensical speech in N Carolina where, among other nonsense, he declared....

"We have to get it done. We have no choice. Actually, we have to get it done together. We're going to defund our freedoms. You just take a look at what's happening. Biden is halted wall construction, suspended, removals, and even removables or removals of just horrible, horr...." all with his huge extra absorbent diaper showing clearly through his pants that were apparently on backwards.

No? That's normal to you?

newtboy says...

I've seen dozens of reports of increases in the 1000-1500% range, and millions just dropped with nothing....but even your lowball +30% per year is still impossible to absorb and insane increases.

Water damage not hurricane related include flooding from sea level rise and more powerful storms outside hurricane season.

You ijit....more and stronger hurricanes ARE a component of global warming, as are flood events not from hurricanes, stronger storms, and higher flood tides.

Dummy.... Of the top 5 years with the most hurricanes on record since 1851, 4 were since 2005. Absolutely there are more hurricanes on average since 2000. You need to learn how to read a graph, and to not cherry pick data by discarding any you don't like or stopping the tally before major changes started. More dishonest Bob.

If it's from the dollar dropping (no where near 50%, the dollar index went from 110 -90 since 2000, CPI from $1722-$2634) why didn't they explode under Bush when it dropped as low as 72, and why didn't they drop when Obama brought that back to 102?

Answer: because you're totally full of it, as usual.
The company's themselves say it's from higher payouts due to more, stronger storms causing more damage....Many abandoning the market for other states....not because the dollar is weak. That's nonsense.

bobknight33 said:

I Remember .

They are going up a lot. Not due to global warming .

Rates most likely going up due to dollar losing 50+% of value since 2000.

from the Herald Tribune

"Property owners throughout Florida are seeing their insurance rates soar, as companies had rate increases approved ranging from from 12% to 31%. Insurers point to high rates for reinsurance, which is basically insurance to back up insurers, and claims for water damage from leaks that are not hurricane-related.

Another factor cited was that claims still were rolling in from Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Michael in 2018. Policy holders have a three-year window to submit wind damage claims. Insured losses from Irma totaled $17.44 billion while Category 5 Michael generated $7.9 billion in claims for insured losses, according to FOIR."
NOAA data goes up 2004.
Hurricane rated not more no less over last 100+ years.

newtboy says...

Remember that time you said if climate change and sea level rise were real, insurance in places like Florida would skyrocket or disappear. Guess what.

Not only has it skyrocketed like I told you was happening back then, but many companies have now just left places like Florida altogether because it costs them far too much to payout over flooding and extreme weather events that are now regular occurrences.

My'll ignore what you claimed, ignore what the companies say, and ignore the data that's undeniable and blame liberals for faking the insurance fiasco and faking constant repeated flooding and extreme weather decimating many areas, especially coastal and low lying areas....or you'll just deny things are demonstrably worsening.

What I know for certain, you won't admit you were/are wrong, and won't accept any responsibility for dragging your feet and obstructing vital progress with unending stubborn denial of reality and making the situation exponentially worse and the time to mitigate it exponentially shorter.

newtboy says...

Did you get your Trump payroll temporary tax pause bill yet? If not, get ready. $2-3000 for most people who's companies were dumb enough to have their employees take his little bribe, due in <30 days from reports. I hope you didn't give it all to the Trump in 24 fund.

BSR says...

Actually, it was Flavor Aid, not Kool-Aid, that the Jim Jones cult used to commit mass suicide.

Mask is spelled mask. Proofread your stuff. It will make you look more intelligent and believable. Or not.

bobknight33 said:

If you still are wearing a make you definitionally drank the Kool aid.

newtboy jokingly says...

What's an uter? I don't know if I should be offended.

: the 15th day of March, May, July, or October or the 13th day of any other month in the ancient Roman calendar

I had not noticed that I was missing these days. That's a serious problem I should look into.
Nope, I was here. Sorry, I got all the ides, and the posts to prove it. NEXT!

bobknight33 said:

U uter such leftist lies.

You have Zero ides what is going on, other that what MSNBC/CNN fake news machine is cracking out.

newtboy says...

You should have heard by now, the fake bamboo audit has now completely destroyed Maricopa county's election system because, since the pro Trump "cyber ninjas" (who's name itself indicates they intended to surreptitiously set traps and viruses in the machines and who had no supervision) tampered with vote machines, tabulators, and databases (and have asked for every piece of government held data in the county from addresses and social security numbers to expunged criminal records), so now every single machine in the county they touched must be discarded by court order.

It's impossible to know how many tens to hundreds of millions they wasted, finding nothing, and now they intend to travel the country doing it in every state. They seem intent on destroying our election apparatus, just like Trump's presidency was intent on destroying our government. It wasn't about finding problems and fixing them, it was about destroying the system and wasting billions of tax dollars, then lowering taxes to destroy America with massive debt over stupidity.

Because they played so fast and loose, with no chain of custody, no supervision, and no honesty, their "audit" is completely invalid on it's face. They destroyed the data, destroyed the machines (400 $5000 tabulators and around 10-20 vote machines per tabulator at another $5000+ each at a bare minimum in this one county) in the $20- >$40 million range for fraud #1, and they plan on at least 50 more. Good job handing Dominion tens of millions to replace pay up.

Every single Republican should have to pay for every cent they wasted, with non republicans exempt from the new election fraud fraud recovery tax. Children of Republicans too. I'm writing my congressman.

newtboy says...

Allow me to quote the defense attorney for the Qshaman-
"A lot of these defendants - and I'm going to use this colloquial term, perhaps disrespectfully - but they're all fucking short bus people...these are people with brain damage...they're fucking retarded, they're on the goddamn spectrum."

These are Trump's warrior's lawyers, making the claim that if you believed Trump like their clients (and like you, Bobby), you had to be "fucking retarded". That's you they're talking about. Rebuttal? How long was the bus you took to school?

Thanks so much for allowing us to use that term to describe Trumptards as a quote, because I had refrained from using it so far because it insults the mentally defective, not because it's not pc to use that word, but because it degrades them by saying they are as dumb and dysfunctional as a Trumpster.

Enjoy the rest of America's lifespan at this point. The Republican party is going down the drain bit by bit. At this rate, youall won't win a single election in 22, the party is fractured beyond repair between the remaining few adults without brain damage (too few to govern) and the Trump party (too few for a majority and getting more unpopular every day, already too unpopular to win elections). I only know one person in real life that would still vote for anyone that supports or supported Trump, and she has severe brain damage. Every other Republican I know has left the party, including my entire family. My mother campaigned for Bush Sr. repeatedly, she voted for Jr twice...last election she voted for Biden.

newtboy says...

If, as you claim, the violent attack on democracy on Jan 6 was led and perpetrated by Democratic Antifa (an oxymoron), why do you think, after all their outrageous conditions were met, Republicans changed course and now totally oppose any investigations into it under any circumstances? Some are now claiming it never happened, and it was a normal day at the capitol building.

Explain please, why the Republicans wouldn't want to identify those Antifa nor the Democrats who they say coordinated and fomented their attack, while Democrats are unified in their desire to investigate with a bipartisan investigation? Hmmmm.

newtboy says...

Covfeffe. Let's look at the oranges of that.

You are such a ridiculous idiot. Biden's brain is exponentially better than yours. He speaks FAR more clearly and without flubs despite a diagnosed severe speech impediment than you can even write.

Compared to Trump's drug addled sub par dementia riddled brain, Biden is an Einstein in his prime. Trump couldn't even speak in complete sentences, much less drive a golf cart, Biden safely hot rods million dollar prototypes while making jokes that are actually funny, not just nasty ignorant personal attacks beneath children while sitting in the truck seat pretending to drive like a two year old on the ride in front of the grocery store.

Funny, when he speaks publicly you've been forced to admit he spoke well, intelligently, intelligibly, and was totally rational while Trump fumbled, complained, stumbled over simple words, stumbled over simple concepts, and wasn't honest... then within days forget what you said and revert back to "Trump smart, Biden has dementia".

What you cannot grasp is America saw them both non stop for 6 months then chose and, despite numerous Republican voter frauds, serious postal interference, and a purported billion dollar war chest, trump lost in a MASSIVE landslide in the most secure election ever according to Trump's election anti fraud department....and you decided to listen to his little tantrums instead of the millions of professionals his administration hired to safeguard the election, or the dozens of Republican judges who heard the "evidence" and tossed the cases, or every single republican governor, or his own people who eventually admitted there really was no fraud, it was all pure hyperbole, and you had to be a braying moron to believe it.

I say, based on what's been said and claimed, your brain is gone, was gone well over 5 years ago.

It had to be mush to support a clinically narcissistic repeatedly convicted con man, fraud, and self described rapist, incestuous father, tax cheat, mob tied, hard core long time certified racist, white nationalist, and pedophile as the best Republicans have to offer. Seeing what you idiots have elected since him, you may have been right, he might be YOUR best, he certainly is one of America's worst citizens.

So sad and delusional you are, little Bobby. Cry us some more delicious tears over your messaih's MASSIVE failures across the board....then send Broke Donny more money, he needs it for criminal defense attorneys.


bobknight33 said:

Biden brain is gone, was gone few years ago.

newtboy says...

Um.....what? You think Biden owns planes and helicopters?

Are you claiming Trump has a pilot's licence? He's never produced or used one. I doubt he has a driver's license.

What does that have to do with Biden driving and Trump's instabilities? Nothing.

Biden can drive, well enough to put million dollar prototypes in his hands, dementia Trump can't properly operate a golf cart.

It's nice to have a functioning adult brain in office again.

bobknight33 said:

Your such a tool/ fool.

Biden has his own plane and helicopter and does not need a pilot to fly him around?

Grow up.

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