What Is Your Worst Pet Peeve?

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Just looking at these things will make you cringe.

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First world problems!

My big peeve is people wearing shoes indoors. And its not a clean freak thing, its a noise thing. It would be ok if the floors were carpet, but they aren't and I cant stand the sound of people banging around in their clown shoes.

Just me? Ok.


Troglodytes who touch computer screens to point at stuff. Yes thank you I do see the thing on the screen that's right in front of my face, and now I see your big nasty smudgy finger print too. I need to find a way to lift prints from screens and apply them to crime scenes.


I've actually got the cord in the chair and the bed sheets going on right now. But one I'd add to the list are the blister packs that don't have an easy open and when you do finally get it started with a pair of scissors, tend to bite back. WTF.


Or, if they use a pen to point at stuff. Pen ink on the screen is the worst. A problem when everyone shares desks at work. :-/

I had another pet peeve at work just today; a co-worker who kept sniffing loudly through his nose like he's clearing it. Every few seconds. For several hours. Gaaaaaahhhhhh...!
>> ^Crosswords:

Troglodytes who touch computer screens to point at stuff. Yes thank you I do see the thing on the screen that's right in front of my face, and now I see your big nasty smudgy finger print too. I need to find a way to lift prints from screens and apply them to crime scenes.


Mine is two fold:

"Do you need any help packing?" and "Enter your PIN number please".

I'm 38 I can pack my own damn shopping and the screen I'm looking at has already told me to enter my PIN, I'm halfway through doing it!


I don't get the cookie one.

"When the cookie's too small for the tiny milk hole, and you don't want to break it in half... [in order to fit it in the cup and dip it in the milk]".

Wouldn't that be the issue if the cookie's too large?


My pet peeve: should of

Gaaah! Hurts my brain every time I see it. I just can't believe native speakers use those two words in this manner and think they make perfect sense together.


I have a few of them. A big one is scummy dish water, shit is nasty. Rinse your fucking dishes people. I'm not a clean freak or nothing and am not apposed to some dirty dishes but when they are in a sink full of water with bits of food and other gunk floating around, it's just nasty.

Another is toothpaste bits in the sink. It's sloppy and if it isn't cleaned out it gets all hard.

Last, and biggest pet peeve, cigarette butts (or worse, chew spit) in a beer or soda bottle. Here in NY our smoking population is pretty light but even still this so grosses me out. These stink up my place after a party and just leave me with a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. I cant recycle them because I sure as fuck am not going to wash them out. This is such a big pet peeve that I have forbade smoking or chewing in my house. If your doing either when you come over, you can spit it the fuck out before entering my abode. And don't spit it out or toss the butt on the sidewalk either you heathen!


I also HATE when people touch the screen. I used to have a 19 CRT monitor that would give you a slight shock if you would touch the screen. I loved that "feature", many of my friends did not. The only downside was when I needed to get to back of my PC and I would sometimes shock the top of my head while leaning over to plug in a USB cable. It probably would not have been so bad if I had some hair.


We've covered this before but people who merge at the beginning of a long merge lane instead of the end.

And while I'm on driving peeves, people who stop car lengths short of the stop line, particularly at intersections where the light ain't turning green until you pull up to the stop line. Are you listening old ladies, I'm talking to you!


Most of my have to do with driving, some already mentioned, but also: people who don't use turn signals (especially the ones who just slam on their brakes, then turn left or right, no indication where they want to go).

People who cut you off, then want to turn LEFT the next intersection on a busy no-turn-lane road so you sit behind them for 5 minutes.

People who refuse to pull into the intersection when turning left, or even go when there is nobody coming, because there is 'only a green light but the turn arrow turned off already'.

People who start digging for something on a traffic light and never look up to see when the light goes green.

Oh, people on supermarkets/grocery stores who park their cart in the middle of the aisle, then browse something next to their cart and never mind that nobody can get by.

People on (Starbucks or ANY) line (of 5/10/20.. people) who come up and say 'oh, I have no idea what I want, let me think...'

People who wait for the cashier to say how much they owe, THEN dig out their CHECKBOOK and start writing a check. Special treat if they can't find their checkbook. Also, the people who use a credit card, but first can't find it. They they have to try to figure out which way it goes in the reader, then type their PIN wrong 4 times, and after that have to use a different card.

I think I just have no patience..


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People who don't know the difference between your and you're. That goes double if you're trying to insult someone's intelligence and you spelled it wrong.


When people borrow something, like your car, and feel the need to adjust every single fucking thing in it. You really don't need to mess with the sunroof, the radio presets (volume and on/off, stop there). And the side mirrors....those things once set cover a large portion of visibility how in the hell do you manage to make it so you can't see a single thing in it and manage to safely drive down the road?

People who bark/yell/scream at other people's dogs trying to get them to be quiet and just making it worse. Who also don't seem to understand that the dog is barking at their dumb ass because they are acting weird and it would STFU if they would ignore it and move on.

People who insist on getting into an already crowded elevator, despite every single person needing to get into uncomfortable proximity to each other to accomplish this. Wait for the next elevator prick.

People who walk onto elevators before actually looking if there is someone trying to get out. This goes in with the above one, they just make shit more difficult. You want on the elevator, great I understand. Wait for people to get the fuck out of it instead of making me feel like you're trying to pickpocket me with the all the bumping and shoving. This one is a real big peeve of mine. Along with people who don't seem to understand how doorways work and that you should move out of the way so other people can go in and out without risk of bashing you or your kid in the head with the door handle.

People who walk on the wrong side of the aisle for the direction they are going. This goes for anything...buffet bars, roads, sidewalks.....etc. There's a traffic flow, get into it...fighting it just makes everything take longer.

Grocery stores, when two people stop with their carts right next to each other and block everyone else. Especially when they don't seem to notice they are doing it, even though people say excuse me......and they just step to the side half a step like that's going to fix it. Add on to this, what is the deal with people not understanding that walking right next to the aisle entrance and exits makes it really f-in hard to see you? If you're going to do this you need to watch for people trying to get out of the aisles if you don't want to get bashed with a cart because they think it's clear since you're hiding behind the 6 foot stack of dog food.

People who wait for parking spots that are about 10 seconds walk closer than the next available spot. Instead of just parking and getting on with their day. Full parking lot? Sure, wait for a spot. Can SEE a empty spot 2 car lengths down? Park there asshole instead of snarling up traffic because you just have to have the 15 foot closer to the door spot.

Old people driving who are clearly not safe to be driving. You'll see this during working hours at doctors offices and hospitals. I understand the need for them to be able to get to the doc, but I'd rather not get ran over because someone won't take grandma or grandpa's license away because it would inconvenience them. Used to get allergy shots, I about got ran over twice on foot, backed over countless times (because they can't turn their heads to look and just back out blind...and fast), and hit trying to exit the place in my vehicle (short turns because they just don't have time to stop and make a proper turn). And I only had to walk a couple hundred feet to my vehicle and the door each way. Was dangerous just getting near the doors due to all the people dropping off or picking up. One guy even yelled at me because him doing 30-40 miles an hour in a small half filled parking lot seemed perfectly acceptable to him and walking to my car along the edge of the parking row was highly inappropriate to him since he needed it all to turn his car at those speeds.

Could go on and on. But clearly people who ignore social niceties or make nuisances of themselves really bug me. Little dumb things like that can just set the mood for a lot of your day, being a prick in a lot of these cases is not actually making things go faster...more often they slow it down and just piss everyone off. No benefit at all to anyone and yet it happens all the time.


>> ^Crosswords:

Troglodytes who touch computer screens to point at stuff.

It's even worse when it's the current user doing it. You've got a mouse under your hand that controls an object already on the screen, not coincidentally called a pointer!

Along the lines of what @Shayde said, I had a user once who not only got ink on the screen, but actually intentionally wrote on it. I kept throwing out her little post-it notes with her password on them, so she wrote it directly on the monitor screen.


>> ^TheGenk:

should of

should of, could of, would of

These are getting so common that I often think it's a mistake when I see should have, could have, or would have. I have to stop and think about it for a second.

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