Man spends 6 years injecting silicone into his PENIS

Not safe for anyone.

What is the point of a big dick if you can't do anything with it? I bet he can't even feel anything down there but pain.

But congrats on having the biggest dick---at least in the girth category. I'm still the longest.


There's a whole fetish subgenre centered around injecting your scrotum and penis with fluids in order to fill them up. I've mostly heard of people using saline solution, but apparently this guy wanted something more permanent. As I understand it, the people who do this get enough kicks out of it they don't really care that it means they can't have sex. Of course with saline it's a more transient transformation, but it seems to be something people get quite addicted to. Go figure.


I really do hope he doesn't whip that thing out in public...

I've heard of "put that thing away before you poke someone's eye out," but that could probably decapitate someone (or at least break someone's neck...)


I didn't watch this before.. I'm not watching this now...

I'm not watching this!
I'm not watching this!
I'm not watching this!
I'm not watching this!
I'm not watching this!
I'm not watching this!
la la la la la la la la la la....


How interesting it is to see him, during this entire interview trying desperately to convince himself that he has done the right thing. He wants to challenge people's perception of what a penis should look like?
You have not accomplished your task Epic Fail Human, you have only performed genital mutilation on a grand scale. The rest of us are not impressed nor "challenged". And by the way, tonight I am going to have sex.
You? Oh yeah, you are going to be at home. Alone. Again.
Freak show...


I am glad you did this to are a sicko! And Silicone causes cancer maybe somewhere in your sick head you will enjoy that too! I think all pedophiles should be court ordered to do this procedure! HAHAH.......HAHAHAHAHAH.....HEEE HEEE HEEE HEEE. Nasty. You have handicapped yourself...enjoy your deserve every bit of it.


I had to find out if this guy died from silicone poisoning and commenced Bingling (Google is evil). Anyway I found these from the man himself:

# Mister Mark on April 11th, 2008 at 11:19 pm:

Hey all. Good to see the comments here about my lips. I guess Shannon didn’t know that I had the silicone removed from my cock and balls. I had it removed about a year ago. I still have mixed feelings about it and maybe that’ll never go away, but I do have more freedom and I’m less self-conscious when I’m in public.

The lips are awesome. I’ve enjoyed them every day since I first had them injected about five years ago, and I’m SO glad I had them injected again.

Mister Mark says:
December 9, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Hi there.

It turned out there was no embolism of any kind. I had pneumonia, and the timing was very unfortunate because I had just been injected again with silicone. I couldn’t help but think that I was feeling ill because something had gone wrong with the latest injection.

I actually had the silicone removed last year by a surgeon in the UK. (Love you Brits!)

I still think that the modification was pretty awesome, but my life is much easier now without it. I have other ways of being weird that are much less dramatic.


I just seen this video for the first time because a friend told me about it being that I suffer from chronic lymphedema which has swelled my penis and scrotum to giant proportions which is basically ruined my life certainly has made sex not possible . What this idiot could possibly thinking to do that on purpose WTF!!

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