CNN Anchor Can't Believe Chicago Eliminated From Olympics

Tony Harris cannot believe Chicago wasn't picked for the 2016 Olympics. "Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in? Chicago is out?"

News is dead, all network news is entertainment. And not to be inflammatory, but CNN is the pro-Obamaish network, so there would be an extra sense of that on those channels as much as...I dunno, texas not being nominated during bushes administration would be mocked on Fox.


Department of Homeland Security. That's reason enough to not hold the Olympics in the USA. I'm a Caucasian male in his mid-twenties with no criminal record and I don't dress like a hippie or a terrorist, yet whenever I arrive at a US airport, I am treated like one.

On my first post-9/11 trip to the US, I was disgusted by the security measures at my departing airport in Düsseldorf, Germany. But compared to the arrival at JFK, it was a fucking breeze. Heavily armed guards on an airport? As if we landed in bloody Beirut.

We traveled in a group of four and one of us, a French of Tunesian heritage, was snatched and detained in a backroom for three hours while the rest of us where searched thoroughly and stripped of all electronic equipment (notebooks, mobile phones, MP3 players). They made an image of the only unencrypted HDD and kept the other three notebooks. They were mailed to our home addresses four months later. All the while we were barked at and ordered around. Now, all four of us spoke English rather well and were well dressed, so I can't even imagine what it's like for many others.

Your DHS demands more information about me in advance to any flight than my own bloody mother knows. And that's from a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Program. Fuck, crossing the intra-German border prior to '89 was more pleasant than travelling into the US as a foreigner. Biometric passport, Orwell would be proud.

Oddly enough, the Travel Promotion Act, intended to lure visitors back into the US, aims to impose a $10 fee upon entry into the US. That's some fucking logic.

Edit: "Data helps prevent crime before it happens. Smarter public safety for a smarter planet." <<-- that's an IBM info tablet on airports and again, Orwell would be proud.


Hrm seems like the "leaders" of the other nations are giving a big FUCK YOU to the USA. you dont really deserve the Olympics anyway so no hard feelings. fix your country first before you try and host something important.


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