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Reckless hot air ballooning

Man Who Shot At Police In Self Defense Is Acquitted

visionep says...

Poorly trained, undisciplined.

Their exit from the van was horribly insecure. If there were shooters on the roof for an ambush every officer would have been dead.

It's amazing to see how these bullies turn into a bunch of scared little kids at the sign of danger then when they see they still have power they have zero empathy for fellow human beings.

NYC's Anti-Vax Rally in 49 Seconds

Gorilla attacks woman on honeymoon safari tour

Doom running on an Ikea smart lamp

Teen Riot Grrrl Band "Linda Lindas" Rock Out At The Library

Getting the most out of factory downtime

Guy Spins Bo Staff Rapidly And Performs Tricks

Joe Biden On Masks: ‘Not About Being A Tough Guy,’

visionep says...

Good to see you have standards. So this is the thing that will keep you voting for someone?

And if someone could somehow show the same type of thing with Trump or his wife, then are you ready to pull your support for them?

Just trying to see how committed you are to this criticism.

Speeches are almost always written by other people, so as long as a person who commits a gaff like that will admit it then it's not a big deal to me.

bobknight33 said:

Thank GOD Trump will win another landslide victory.

Trump makes policies to make American Jobs.
Biden steels others slogans and speeches.

Democrats For Violence

visionep says...

It's really hard to listen to this guy where he freely mixes in a few facts with a ton of bold face lies.

He works really hard to hit all of the Trump talking points with full on lies and misdirection.

As a populous we need to have a little dignity and stop listening to people that tell verifiable lies non-stop. If they can't keep from telling lies to make their point then their point isn't worth hearing.

The very few good points this guy makes are slathered in so much oily misinformation it is really painful to try and hear him out.


visionep says...

I heard TangleThorns is a paid instigator from Russia. Fortunately he doesn't care if there is evidence for assertions, so this should be just as compelling as his musings.

Orange County is the Florida of California

visionep says...

That's a great question. The area is semi affluent and known for being pretty conservative.

My guess is that along with people feeling like they are personally successful they are being fed media that describes the progression of scientific understanding as "proof" that scientists who are forming recommendations don't know what they are talking about.

With this type of narrative clouding the purpose and reasons behind the recommendations these people feel like their own success makes them a better judge of what they should be doing for everyone's health and safety.

Add in a little talk about freedom and stigma of being a nerd and you have large social groups that deny the need to follow scientific recommendations that are meant to statistically reduce the broad impact of the virus' affects.

SFOGuy said:

You know what? Fair enough.

Can you explain to me how it is that this particular place is so...I mean, for lack of a better descriptor--unscientific?

I'm 16 and went to the hospital twice for COVID-19

visionep says...

She didn't catch it twice though.. She just went to the hospital, was discharged with medicine, then felt bad and went back a second time.

Orange County is the Florida of California

visionep says...

Orange County, not Southern California.

The majority of SoCal isn't dumb like these people. They are dumb in completely different ways.

A devoted husband suspects his wife is cheating on him.

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