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Undercover "Disabled Tour Guides" At Disneyland

truth-is-the-nemesis says...


It is definitely immoral as described earlier. However you raised some good points such as the varying levels or degrees of immortality. The example you gave of a woman struggling to feed her children & herself who will do anything to survive raises the age old question i.e. if a man steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving family, is it still stealing?. & this is a very grey issue to delve into accurately. Obviously there are multiple avenues here that any respective journalist worth their weight in salt should have considered such as to the 'why' of this, not just the 'how'. Are these disabled individuals undervalued, out-of-luck, battlers seeking restitution simply to survive in society, or is it simply greed & their 'disability' is manufactured to make a profit?. Obviously, for the payers it is simply to get an advantage that the general public are denied. However, deciphering the payees motives are far more complex & the reporters really should have focused more on the users, as they have set-up the client base for this system of dishonestly to thrive whereas the guides are merely the pawns, as one parent of the 1% 'as she described herself' commented on social networking after utilising these services commented 'This is how the 1% live' & nothing was done to confront her.

Undercover "Disabled Tour Guides" At Disneyland

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

If the non-disabled can abuse this system, then why not other system advantages such as disabled parking? should these individuals be able to lease out their car-park availability to the non-disabled?. These individuals do not seem (purely by observing them) 'clearly disabled', the man did not reveal his, while the woman said she had a back & knee problems. While it may be clever, it is certainly NOT moral, as money is buying the privileged to become even more set in their ways & reinforcing bad behaviour by treating others as below them & of lesser value. Which is the definition of immoral.

Printing a gun is hard

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

1. the scale on the individual files was way off.

I suspect this has something to do with the printer it was designed for. It seemed very close to being 1 inch = 1 mm. Not a completely uncommon problem. Manually resizing got some files to look right, but I found many simply wouldn’t resize.

2. Almost every single item had errors.

If you’ve done 3d printing, you’ve found that a model can have all kinds of issues that will stop it from printing correctly. I found every single item for the gun had errors. I actually learned a lot about how to repair non-manifold items from this exercise, so it was good in the end.

Some items, like the hammer and the hammer springs simply would not print. I ran them through systems to repair them and fix errors. It would say that everything was fixed, but when I tried to “slice” them for printing, the software would crash. This means that my gun is incomplete. It has no hammer. Not really that big of a deal to me.

Gas pump prank turns couple into Internet sensation

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Say it ain't so! The uplifting Californian couple that performed what was thought to be a spontaneous karaoke duet as part of Jay Leno's Tonight Show "Pumpcast News" segment may have actually been hired actors, according to The Smoking Gun. According to the hoax killers, Will Sims and his wife Monifa have been pursuing careers in show business for sometime with Mrs. Sims having appeared on the same "Pumpcast News" segment before more than two years ago. Monifa has since responded to the allegations, claiming it was just a coincidence that she ended up on the show for a second time.

How The Internet Archive Works

If "Heterophobia" Were Real

MOVI: Impressive New Kind of Camera Stabilizer

Gun Control: The Big Bang Theory & Cultural Sovereignty

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

This is a very unusual argument, I have never heard that gun ownership is in anyway directly related towards adhering to American sovereignty, this is basically a sophisticated reinvention to the old argument of individuals being 'Un-American' if they want to restrict gun laws, or guns themselves. The main pro-gun argument has always been A) to stop tyrannical governmental power or B) self-protection, never "It is just cultural, therefore you must respect our ways". which the Chinese do not even adhere to.

Furthermore, China had a decade-long ban on fireworks which was lifted in many major Chinese cities in 2005 and 2006 & is currently being considered for re-installment this year due to this practice adding to China's extreme air pollution which has far reaching consequences on the entirety of the population (remember China & other Eastern cultures are collectivist and hold the benefit of the many in high regard). So even though fireworks usage IS indeed cultural for the Chinese, it is still open to higher regulatory oversight or even outright bans if needed, which is not the case when compared to the U.S. due to the cultural significance & power garnered towards the infallibility of the Constitution regardless of its numerous amendments.

TDS -- Neil Barofsky: The Banks Will Never Face True Justice

Piers Morgan - Alex Jones Goes 'Full Retard' Part 1

Gun Control, Violence & Shooting Deaths in A Free World

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

Still waiting for the facts?, its been nothing more than arguments from authority & the gun deaths chart is pure bogus, I.E. bee stings annually kill more US citizens than terrorism thus terrorism is not as important as stopping people getting stung straw-man argument. furthermore, alcohol is regulated, cars are regulated even medical practitioners are licenced - if you went into surgery knowing that your doctor may be one of 40% of unregistered practitioners would you feel safe in that knowledge?.

Here is how easy it is to twist this logic to suit your claim: Since the war began in Iraq there has been 4488 U.S. causalities, comparing this to 11,000 annual gun death's in the U.S. PROVES that being at war is LESS DANGEROUS than merely being at home. This example is how correlation does not equal causation (& if this girl in the video is indeed a psychologist she should know this).

Maybe one aspect of the Mexican gun rate is also the fact that the U.S. with 'the 'Fast & Furious law' actually allowed the trafficing of guns from the United States into Mexico right into the hands of drug gangs in the hopes of stopping the cartels. (But did she mention that?).

What are the stats for mass homicides?, rather than suicides compared to other countries?. and in one breath the speaker said that a gun is the most effective way of killing yourself, and later that regardless of guns the person will find a way to kill themselves regardless of guns which she just stated were the most effective other than hanging or jumping from a height. (& Japan is a collectivist culture with a high population, where the individual is expected to look after their entire family & the government is expected to ensure public safety hence strict gun laws - so it may in fact be due to feelings of being ashamed culturally rather than seeking attention & fame as in individualistic cultures like America.

a gun is not a 'tool', it's a weapon - it has no other purpose than to kill. it's like saying a harpoon is a 'tool'.

No-one is saying its just about A) whether being allowed to own a gun B) or not. it's about as stated in the opening of this video as stated in the 2nd amendment 'A well REGULATED militia or marketplace of guns' and the American gun lobby is definitely not said anything about wanting to strengthen the gun-laws I.E. waiting times, background checks, sales at gun-shows etc.

This video is wrong in all these areas listed from start to finish it has been nothing but misrepresentation calling them facts.

The antichrist numerology of Gangnam Style

The antichrist numerology of Gangnam Style

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

let's say that this guy is correct that Psy is in fact the devil - At least he FUCKING JAMS. What Jesus track last got a billion views on youtube?, i mean that wasn't just because it was soo utterly hilarious such as the Christian Side-Hug.

Australian DJ's Break Silence On Royal Prank Call Suicide.

truth-is-the-nemesis says...

This really shows how the royal family are treated as a protected species out of reach of public criticism or ridicule, & in some respects are also in many Australian media circles. i think that if this story shows anything it is the pressure placed upon citizens such as the nurse who would go on to take her own life to revere dutchesses, dukes, kings etc. as above the mere commoner, if entitlement wasn't placed on this birth then there would've been no prank call & the woman would not have felt as though she made a national mistake by not screening a simple phone call.

When a child's every move is scrutinised in utero and seen as of national importance, then how much has the media really changed since the time of Diana?.

TYT - Obama Going Back on Biggest Campaign Promises

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