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tg11 says...

and to think that if they looked back far enough into their genealogy, they would discover that their ancestors ARE black africans! and given that hitler's family were jewish, i can see the resemblance. their stupidity is unbelievable!

scheherazade said:

No crap. First they move there from Europe and kick out the natives, and then they get all pissy that someone else would move in.

The bigger irony is that the descendents of the people of Judea [who the Israelis claim to be, who are the supposed rightful people of Israel] are actually the Palestinians [today practicing Islam].
The current-day Israeli's themselves are a 50/50 mix of Europeans and Jews from other Arab states that moved there after the partition of Palestine post WW2 [committed by the U.K.].

The true home of many Israeli's is Europe, in the countries that turned on them in WW2. But at the time, it was easier to ship out than to go home and say hi to the neighbors that quite happily sold one out to the nazis (they weren't exactly popular, not just in Germany. As disliked as the Nazis were, their attitude towards Jews was not unique). It's surreal how the cycle of violence repeats itself.

I want to roll my eyes every time someone says "thousand year conflict"... when it's more like 65 years.


isreals new racism-the persecution of african migrants

tg11 says...

hypocrits! when they're persecuted they burden the whole world for generations with their plight and story, sucking the lifeblood (economic resources, etc) out of others' countries; but when others ask them for help, look at what the dark souls do. how disgusting. jesus was correct by calling them, "whited sepulchers"!

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