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Married Gay Couple Fighting DOMA To Be Together In USA

Saving Bob: Surgeon Simulator 2013

tacotime says...

your are talking about qwop.... horrible and frustrating game

lucky760 said:


I'm crying laughing so hard at this it's so ridiculous. I love it.

Can't find the video, but it reminds me of that game where you have to control a guy running a race, but it's so difficult that his body always ends up flopping around.


Condom Challenge (It's way more disturbing than you think.)

Worst Product Placement in TV

How To Do a Graduation Walk NOT Like a Boss!

Obama Trumps Trump

Glenn Beck reveals the NEW enemy: The cast of "Glee"

2 girls impress guys by shaking their asses wildly

tacotime says...

They can't grasp the booty shaking, mind you I don't think anybody could hold onto that.

>> ^shagen454:

I just cannot understand why pseudo-intellectuals would not be interested in some good ol' smoothed out booty shaking; Indeed, I find this to be quite fascinating.

Classic Sesame Street - Gimme Five!

UCLA Girl's Racist Rant about Asians in the Library

Snake bites Orit Fox

Acrobatic bewbs

YouTube Singer Charged With 20 Year Felony

Michael Jackson's Super Bowl Halftime Performance 1993

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