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Hillbilly Neighbor Is Pissed About New Dog And Trampoline

Here's how Trump's nuclear "button" actually works

Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!

slickhead says...

60 lbs is not terrible for an e-bike. The extra pounds don't matter so much with electric assist.
Also, the wider tires don't add resistance.

I like the 70s style (and the copper finish on the edition limited of two bikes .... wonder what that cost?) but this thing is overpriced for the level of tech. If these guys put as much effort into e-bikes as they do hyping stuff on YouTube they might make a nice bike one day. As it stands this is simply overpriced. The narrator thinks he can just call it the "best electric bike" when it's obvious that he knows F-All about the technology. There are much better e-bikes for the money in this niche (within a niche) category alone.

Their 2018 Super 73 is $3200 vs $2750 for the Luna Super Banana

• 1000 watt vs. 3000 watt
• 48V 15.4 Ah (740 watt hours) vs. 72v 11.5 ah (830 watt hours)
• 25-27 mph vs. 40 mph

... for $2,300 the Luna Banana BBSHD has similar specs (more likely to be street legal) and still smokes the Super 73 in performance.

Or get the donor bike for $1,150 and add an electric kit for a few hundred more. (which is exactly what Lithium Cycles did!)

Great reaction to almost having your head blown off by ISIS

SFOGuy (Member Profile)

slickhead says...

Unix\Windows at work and home here. Android for mobile.

SFOGuy said:

I understand the criticism; I use (am forced/ am a grateful software platform slave to Windows boxes) at work... be fair...Apple figured out how to create a handheld/phone way the heck better than Microsoft least for the last decade.

ant (Member Profile)

Apple spoof of Microsoft leaves audience in stitches.

Prophets for Profit$ -Which religion suits your insecurities

slickhead says...

Atheism is not a "belief system". Atheism is a rejection of a single claim.

Claim: "God/Gods exist."
Atheist: " I don't believe you."

Nothing like a belief system regardless of claims to the contrary.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

John Cleese - I Could Care Less

Trump Jokes That Gun Owners Can 'Fix' the Clinton Problem

slickhead says...

Barack Obama is president when he said this. Hillary is not yet.

newtboy said:

Can the FBI please make a public case out of this incitement to commit assassination of the president? And can they please try the case in Texas, where they still execute the mentally deficient?

Will Smith slams Trump

slickhead says...

As usual you are confused, a secular country is not an atheist country. A secular state is a concept of secularism, whereby a state is or purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion NOR IRRELIGION. We have atheist politicians. I'm sure many more are closeted or deists or not as well known. The mayor of the major city I live in is atheist. The United States is the model of a secular nation in that we invented the idea of a separation between church and state. Secular doesn't mean religious people can't hold office. Also, secularism doesn't mean that the wall between church and state doesn't require constant vigilance to uphold.

newtboy said:

slickhead said: Christan politicians of various denominations from various churches holding office in a secular country with a godless constitution

Will Smith slams Trump

Will Smith slams Trump

slickhead says...

Where did I say any of those things?

Where did I say Mosul is representative of Islam as a whole? I didn't. I said Dubai is not representative of Islam as a whole and offered Mosul as a contrast. Did you not watch the video?

Where did I say Christian fundamentalism isn't a problem today? I didn't. I said Christianity used to have more power and I am correct.

Where did I say Christians don't have political power or that the power they do have doesn't cause problems? I didn't. I said Christianity used to have more power. Ancient myths applied dogmatically nearly always cause problems.

You can't show where I said anything like your accusations . Learn to read. You seem to be splitting. Not everything is black or white. Not much of anything is black or white. Mostly there is grey.

ChaosEngine said:

I'm not really sure what your point is either.

You're the one who seems to think that Mosul is representative of Islam as a whole.

You're the one that thinks Christian fundamentalism isn't a problem today.

And if you think Christians don't have political power or that the power they do have doesn't cause problems, then you're not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

Will Smith slams Trump

slickhead says...

I'd love to hear the answer but I doubt he understands your question.

Thanks for the question btw. I wish I had thought of it.

ChaosEngine said:

So which is it?

Either you can be a Christian or a Muslim and apply your own morality to your religion ...


you're not a Christian or a Muslim unless you're a literal fundamentalist?

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