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Myths about the developing world - Hans Rosling, Ted Talks

Now this guy Ben has taken a picture of himself every day

Who Left This Hole in the Ground, Mr. President? (8:45)

Who Left This Hole in the Ground, Mr. President? (8:45)

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance

Shatner-- Star Trek vs. Star Wars Tribute, very funny

An Hour with Barak Obama

An Hour with Barak Obama

sfjocko says...

doh! it looks like this isn't allowing the embed, for whatever reason. but my machine's been extra quirky lately, and i've gotten spurious 'video is unavail' messages recently so if someone can confirm this won't load i'd much appreciate before i discard

Once Upon a Time in the West - Opening Credits

sfjocko says...

I'm fairly sure part of this has been posted previously in videosift, but I cannot find it in the system. I'm also pretty sure that this clip is more complete than the previously posted clip, which was shorter by a few minutes. In this slow, intentionally drawn-out scene, a few minutes means a lot.
Addendum: reviewing the clips available in youtube, I find this, the clip that had been previously posted in videosift but I cannot find any more:
That clip is the continuation of the current clip I am posting, where Charles Bronson's character meets his would-be assasins, and they discuss whether the horses are too few or too many.
Together, one of the greatest opening scenes in any film ever.

Marcuse and Revolution in Paradise - Herbert's Hippopotamus

sfjocko says...

from official notes at google video:
This documentary examines the turbulent life in California of political philosopher Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979), author of One-Dimensional ... all » Man, Reason and Revolution and Eros and Civilization, among other books, professor of philosophy at the University of California San Diego, and a visionary and influential force for the student movement worldwide during the Sixties and Seventies. Blending archival footage, interviews, re- created scenes and voice-over narration, the video profiles not only the life of Marcuse but also the history of student protest and social activism. The video features interviews with Marcuse's student Angela Davis, former UCSD Chancellor William McGill, colleagues Fredric Jameson and Reinhard Lettau, and rare footage of Marcuse and former California Governor Ronald Reagan. Directed by Paul Alexander Juutilainen

Bonus scene from Iraq for Sale

Dueling Banjos

Monty Python's Life of Brian - Stoning

Baghdad ER 1:04:07 (GRAPHIC)

sfjocko says...

HBO Documentary
'Baghdad ER': Saluting Valor On the Medical Front Lines
By Tom Shales Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, May 20, 2006;
To read political motives into "Baghdad ER," a poignant and powerful documentary about military medical personnel working in Iraq, would be to insult and diminish not only the film but also its subjects. Even so, the right wing has started flapping already, and the Pentagon reputedly finds the movie worrisome.
Truth is always worrisome to those with vested interests. Those who would denigrate the film -- which is a lesson in humanity, not politics -- presumably have chosen to ignore the printed prologue on the screen: "This film is a tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of the soldiers who are the patients and staff of the 86th Combat Support Hospital" -- men and women working feverishly and around the clock to put wounded soldiers back together amid the horror of a bedeviling war.
"Baghdad ER," far more in actions than in words -- the sometimes desperate actions of medical personnel who repair wounds, alleviate suffering and try to restore the spirits of soldiers who arrive in the hospital with bodies riddled by shrapnel or with severely mangled limbs.
Among the first of innumerable stinging images: a nurse carrying a severed arm from the operating table to a plastic disposal bag. Says a corporal working with the team: "We do our best, our level best, to make sure that our people survive and make it back to their homes." The prologue states that 90 percent of the American soldiers wounded in the war survive, patched up at the Baghdad hospital and flown to Germany for more thorough and elaborate care. And the patients include not only American soldiers but also Iraqi citizens.
(read the rest

Behold: the Atheists' Nightmare - the banana - "has a point at the top for easy entry"

sfjocko says...

LOL, I'd almost forgotten about this little nugget of nincompoopiness. They exhibit an infantalized relationship with the world: it's all about ME.

A friend of mine once happend upon an unlikely optical illusion, and showed me. I write "unlikely" because in order to see the effect, I had to stand where he had been standing, in the underside of a cool public waterfall, looking through the falling water at a tree illuminated by the setting sun, holding my head at just the right height and at just the right angle, then squinting. And he was right, it was a cool-looking effect.

... This video's banana story is similar. I can kinda enjoy the silly "let's imagine"; "let's imagine the banana is like a soda can, designed for us to use." I can play that sort of game, and even enjoy it. But when these banana worshippers insist their fantasies are true, it's as if my waterfall friend had told me that the vision we saw was the way the world *really* is, and the fact that we saw it was incontrovertible proof. Right.

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