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AOC Sets Groundwork To Subpoena Trump's Taxes And Council

Giraffe VS Lions

robbersdog49 says...

Getting that close to lions in an open vehicle is not unusual on safari. They see the vehicles as just part of the landscape, like a tree.

Mammaltron said:

Damn they were close, lucky the lions didn't decide to go with meals on wheels instead

In China when a construction contract goes south

robbersdog49 says...

New to me too. If it's a repost on this site then show us and it'll be removed.

wtfcaniuse said:

This was interesting when it was shown the first time, maybe even the second. It's internet archeology now guys.


robbersdog49 says...

No, he wasn't run over. In the slow-mo you can see he goes into the truck immediately behind the rear wheels of the cab, and exits the other side also just behind those rear wheels. He's a long way in front of the trailer wheels all the way through.

Very lucky.

And yeah, that's one hell of a line!

Fairbs said:

I think the rear wheel of the truck may have run over him

great line 'It's OK, I'm not dead'

Dashcam Video Of Alabama Cop Who Shot Man Holding His Wallet

robbersdog49 says...

Watching this as a brit it makes my blood boil.

I get why the cop shot him. The way he got out of the car and was holding his wallet it really did look like it could be a gun aimed at the officer. In a country where the person getting out of the car could well be carrying a gun that's a reasonable response from the officer. I'm with that. I get it.

I don't understand how anyone thinks that all this is OK though. This would never have happened in the UK, or any other country where guns are carefully controlled. Having guns rife in the country leads to so much shit like this. So many unnecessary deaths. All these lives are worth less than 'I want to carry a gun'. It's madness, and I don't understand how you can't see that.

This cop did nothing wrong, it's the only reasonable response to that situation where there's guns everywhere. You guys need to get rid of the guns. Really.

Kitty plays 'smell my butt' with new friends

Bike load into pickup fail.


When You Finally Find A Quiet Spot For Fishing

robbersdog49 says...

Yeah, I'd love to see the next couple of minutes. Were the idiots in the boat repentant or just angry? Did the kyaker just dump them and paddle off or try to help them? I need answers!

jmd said:

use the tips of the kyak, alot of space gets covered from the wide angled lens when it pans.

Glad to see he dumped the boat instead of ran over the kyaker. Would have loved to see and hear what happened next.

Spinout Close Call At Kaitoke Intersection

robbersdog49 says...

I would take that route out every time.

Turning to the right would require not only a larger change in direction from me, but also the risk of hitting oncoming traffic rather than a very slow moving/stationary vehicle or running off onto grass.

As for the over correction, that's someone driving in a very stressful situation and doing their best. Just about every car you can buy in the UK now has stability control that would have prevented that spin, and the amount of training it would take for someone to be able to reliably control a car without that stability control through a stressful and unexpected situation like that would be overly prohibitive.

The larger swerve required to go to the right of the car cutting in across the lane would have made the car a lot more unstable and a lot more likely to turn over.

Bad call to go to the right. She made the right choice, and less dangerous one and everyone walked away.

DuoJet said:

Buddy turns INTO the path of the oncoming car, then over-corrects into a spin-out. Terrific work.

Working While Black in america.

The Art of Making a Nixie Tube

robbersdog49 says...

That's a very interesting video. He's making lovely, handmade electronics, something you just don't see at all any more.

It's at times an almost painfully inefficient process. Robots are taking a lot of jobs from people, but I think there will always be a market for such hand made, hand crafted goods. Each one is different. They're a little wonky, a little taller, shorter, whatever. A machine would make them much better in every objective way. Faster, more consistent and more reliable. But it could never give them the charm they so obviously have.

Comey Testifies Under Oath That Trump Lied Repeatedly

robbersdog49 says...

Trump claims Comey lied under oath. I can't wait to see him under oath to defend those claims. It's going to be the biggest shitstorm you've ever seen and it's going to be amazing

bobknight33 said:

Boo hoo...

Comey best testimony is that Trump lied on why he was fired... Boo hoo..
Trump is Comey boss. he can be fired for any reason or for no reason. Grow up this is the same in any business.

The testimony also indicated that Trump IS NOT under investigation. Flynn was looked at but not as a primary target of the investigation.

Comey was one of the inside leakers. He leaked his own memo.

The Plight Of Poor Irish Women

North Korean Refugees Try American BBQ

robbersdog49 says...

I can't believe I'm doing this but I think I agree with bob.

While people will tell you that bad things happen in N. Korea it's not really big news. If it were reported more often and with more vigour then there might be a will to do something about it.

When was the last time you saw a news story about how bad conditions are in N. Korea? When the US or UK governments want to do something about a country like this the media is flooded with it. People get behind the cause because they hear so much about it. This isn't happening with N. Korea because no one seems bothered by it. Americans and British will tell you how important it is that something is done about Muslim states, but wouldn't even think to mention N. Korea, not because N. Korea is so much better but because they just don't think about it because they're not told about it all the time.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's shit that the world works this way, but it does and if we want to get things done we need to understand this.

newtboy said:

Really? Who in the hell is possibly ignorant of the atrocities that comprise life in N. Korea? You would have to live in a cave or be in a coma.

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