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Chicago Cop Abandons Woman Being Threatened With A Gun

olyar15 says...

Not making any assumptions, just raising possibilities that goes through the mind of any cop facing such a situation. And I'm not condoning his behaviour, but I do see how the recent racial unrest would make some cops second-guess their actions, and become reluctant to respond the same way had they faced a white guy.

Also, you never shoot to wound. Shooting is lethal force.

Physics Professor loses $10k, face, to Veritasium

olyar15 says...

The professor did not lose face. He had valid questions and issues with what he saw, proposed alternative possibilities that could explain the phenomenon, and accepted the answer after further experimentation and explanation.

That is how science works. Science is not a pissing match (or at least, it shouldn't be).

Chicago Cop Abandons Woman Being Threatened With A Gun

olyar15 says...

But did he know he was on camera? Did he have a bodycam? The only reason the suspect was seen on camera holding a gun was because the cop backed away. If he had drawn his gun and fired the moment he saw the suspect holding the gun, it wouldn't have been caught on that camera because the suspect was still in the room. Then you would have a situation of only eyewitness testimony. And you would have riots.

newtboy said:

There's never been a riot when cops shot a black man who was on camera pointing a gun at them point blank before they shot him...never.

Pigs Are Clean

Camaro Sticks Landing After Going Airborne

The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem

olyar15 says...

They need better proofreading/editing.

It is Chevy BOLT, not Volt. The Volt is a plug-in hybrid with an ICE range-extender, not a pure BEV.

Developers vs Quality Assurance

Professor dismissed over use of a common Chinese word.

Otter Jumps Onto Boat Escaping Orca With Seconds To Spare

SUV Launches Over Highway Barrier

olyar15 says...

It was drifting toward the centre median, then overcorrected. So either on phone, or possibly playing with the infotainment system. But definitely took his/her eyes off the road.

I'm Saving you!

Police Targeting The Press Covering George Floyd Protests

Theft Management with a Splash || ViralHog

Stunning vocals - PMJ does "Every Breath You Take"

When a German Bf-109 spared a stricken American B-17

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