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Can Dieter punch a bear trap and get his hand out in time?

kingmob says...

I really though he was going to make it and I was going to leave a comment...for every 1 success there is 999 people crying cause a bear trap bit them.

The guys saying they couldn't stop him...they could have set off the trap...with a broom stick or something...just keep setting it off every time he sets it up...

If you ever run into this ignorance that is the trick...kill the setup...

Set off the trap, Put out the fire...just be the wet blanket...


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kingmob says...

Thanks dude I really enjoyed those.

eric3579 said:

You should check out his other songs. Most i'm guessing you will know. They are all amazingly well done. I'm surprised more people don't love his stuff. Here are my faves.

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