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Man Prays For His Wife's Recovery. Crucifix Takes Payment

jbaber says...

A Pizza deliveryman whose wife just got over cancer is put in the awkward position of having to sue his church for having his leg chopped off and you guys are laughing?

Aren't you supposed to proving you can be moral without religion?

I really feel bad for this guy. It's not a slip-and-fall payout from Piggly-Wiggly: he lost a leg which may cost him his extremely low pay job. But because it happened at a shrine he regularly attends, it's funny? Try to be a little less monstrous, internet.

Neil deGrasse Tyson -why no metric system on Nova ScienceNow

jbaber says...

Why you should learn to love the metric system.>> ^bmacs27:

I like our system for small measurements. I prefer fractional divisions, especially with the multiple of two in the denominator. It's easier to think about bisecting graduations than it is to divide them by ten when you are talking about small distances. I mean, a tenth of a mm is just stupid. I'd rather a system that has a finer resolution to its units, i.e. half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, etc... It gives me a bit more freedom to pick the best unit given the precision of what I'm working with.
I'd never use it in a scientific context however. I'm mostly talking about workshop stuff.

Diablo 3 in a Nutshell

Shoot-em-up Charlie Discovers ALEC

Criss Angel pulls a Randi on Uri Geller and another psychic.

GeeSussFreeK (Member Profile)

Britney Spears Through The Years.

Tyson Schools Maher on the Meaning of Faith

jbaber says...

When I saw this live, I was a little embarrassed at how much whooping and praise a "superman does good, you're doing well" argument was getting. If Bill'd said "This makes me believe a bit more in people" Tyson wouldn't have said anything. I guess "faith" has become a touchy word for new atheists.

I would also second (third?) shinyblurry's comment about faith in a personal God coming from personal experience.

Christianity's "Good News" Summed Up Perfectly

What happens when a Korean girl group walk into an army base

Traditional Latin Mass: Feast of the Sacred Heart

Help STOP SOPA Now!!

Prometheus - First Trailer

jbaber says...

All the Alien references raised instinctual excitement in me. I've been conditioned to salivate when a title forms bar by bar at the beginning of something dark looking.

chris hedges on secular and religious fundamentalism

chris hedges on secular and religious fundamentalism

jbaber says...

>> ^kevingrr:
...Most of the 'Christians' fought against things like ... the end of slavery

One thing I can argue with is using "most" falsely to strengthen arguments.

Most defending slavery were Christians.
Most Christians defended slavery.
Most people in a position to argue about slavery either way in the 19th century were Christians.

William Wilberforce's success at pushing the English parliament into approving the abolition of slavery in the entire British empire can be considered the beginning of the end for chattel slavery around the world. The history of the abolitionist movement is full of religious people claiming to act out of religious conviction. I don't say "most" and certainly not "all." Lincoln obviously kept his religion (or lack thereof) necessarily vague.

Point is, don't just grab every modern liberal idea out of a bag when making a list of the evils of Christianity -- sometimes Christians have these ideas.

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