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Ross Noble on '24' and ice cream

grspec (Member Profile)

Machine Gun vs Katana

Eel bites off diver's thumb...gets replaced by toe!!


Sixth Grade Blues

Mini Machine Gun (9 secs)

Driving a mclaren F1 with your wife as copilot

VideoSift Wins "Best Video Aggregator" from PC World (Sift Talk Post)

Dog attacks toilet

Dog attacks toilet

Tiny TV Boss - The Audio Isn't Fake

fastfret79 says...

I have to say I'm with deputydog on this one - it's definately the kid talking and knowing what Adam & Joe's comedy is like, this is probably a very rehearsed 'game' he plays with his kid that he has recorded.

Bon Bon Land - a truly demented theme park in Denmark

Expert playing guitar hero II - Free Bird

fastfret79 says...

I definately agree Dag - I always think that if they spent all that time learning an actual instrument rather than playing this game they would have far more impressive skills that they could still use in 10 years time. But I guess that kids don't find that as appealing

Potato Salad Promotion (1944) by some very flexible ladies

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