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Crew Dragon Parachute Tests

Stratolaunch first flight!!

cosmovitelli says...

Thats the problem, they've abandoned the more adavnced rockets the thing was designed for - I think the general consensus is thet SpaceX's massive reusable rockets have made the whole design concept redundant already - its another Spruce Goose I'm afraid.

eric3579 said:

Don't they also need a rocket that can actually use such a launch platform? Is there a rocket currently made they will be using which make sense for such a system (payload size, cost effective)?

David Attenborough on how to save the planet

cosmovitelli says...

Yes agreed, extreme poverty is equally damaging when combined with industry, but bear in mind its been the giant corporations dropping poison on poor villages not the villagers themselves.. and the basic rules for much of the world are decided ultimately by US senators who are for sale to business for embarassingly low cost.

vil said:

Dont blame "capitalism", blame humans, civilisation. Some countries, communities, families are able to create institutions and rules that span generations and centuries without destroying their livelihoods. Call it capitalism if you must, but the only way for humans to survive it is if they are allowed to make meaningful decisions and shoulder the responsibility for those decisions.

I lived in a "communist" country and I can inform you that shit was removed from rivers, sulfur from power station smoke and lead from car exhaust gasses only after it reverted to a form of constitutional democratic individualistic "capitalism".

All it takes is some basic rules about shit and rivers and a will either free, or imposed by institutions, to abide.

Some big rich countries have good rules and institutions, some dont. Most poor countries dont and that is a real problem. If you cant afford to put shit anywhere else it has to go in the river.

David Attenborough on how to save the planet

cosmovitelli says...

Unfortunately in an individualistic capitalist system the guy who's feeding his family by pouring shit in the river will fight you tooth and nail irrespective of what it means for the planet. Every other asshole is doing it why should he starve? This is why the more socially minded countries are the ones who can control themselves, as everyone feels they have a stake in it and they know they won't starve.. unfortunately the big rich countries are by definition plunderers running on greed and desperation.

newtboy said:

I have always contended that the issue/problem is not a technical one, we've had the technology to stop polluting the atmosphere since before I was born, it's the will of humanity to address the problem before it's too late that's the insurmountable issue.

A Better Way to Tax the Rich

cosmovitelli says...

The revolution will come when the US elects the sort of government they used to have before Murdoch, Fox and the Bush era GOP. Simply going back to 50's-60's (Republican!) tax policy will feel revolutionary and solve most problems. But many of the powerful will fight tooth and nail.

Talking Gargoyle At Denver Airport

Slowing Down A Stock Exchange With 38 Miles Of Cable

Slowing Down A Stock Exchange With 38 Miles Of Cable

cosmovitelli says...

Now I have had a few pints, but I don't get this. The other exchanges are still buying and selling faster than 350 milliseconds, no?


Ladder beats wall

Police Spike Strip Causes Accident

Trumpasaurus Rex

Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode 8 - The Last Jedi

North Carolina's Voter Fraud May Require A New Election

"I've been poor my whole life.." - Hell or High Water (2016)

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