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Creepy PSA against Sexual Abuse

Hanson - Mmmbop

Ellen talks to owls

chikngreez says...

Lesbians and owls are natural comrades. It's almost as special as the bond between a lesbian and her dream catcher.

I had my friend translate, she tells me that the owl was saying "He beats me, how do I escape?"

What do you do when your friend is passed out? This!

chikngreez says...

If the water was so cold he wouldn't have stayed asleep so long. He'll laugh later, it was great. But, I'd never trust those guys lol... it's important to have friends that you can fall asleep around, or else you're doomed from the get-go!

Global Warming Will Kick Yer Ass!!

Messin' With Sasquatch - Hand in Hot Water

Deep Fried Candy Bar

chikngreez says...

Every place is different. Get over it, nobody can say they have the "best" of anything, it's just the best for YOU. Pepsi has several recipes based on what country you purchase it in, because the local market dictates what those people like. If you don't like Burger King, don't eat there.

Also, I heard the man say TOMATO SAUCE and then the stupid reporter repeat back KETCHUP (or catsup, whatever). Those aren't the same are they? In America at least, tomato sauce and ketchup are two completely different items. Ketchup being tomato sauce, plus sugar, vinegar, and a secret ingredient that slowly consumes your soul.

Geography Idiots on Family Feud

chikngreez says...

If anyone is wondering why immigrants in the United States are starting to get all the best jobs out there, wonder no more. It's because they're smarter. Perhaps we're just a little too enamored with useless knowledge, like how much Pimp Juice it takes to incapacitate a ho, the complete details surrounding the life and times of Anna Nicole Smith, or the exact date and time that Paris Hilton went to jail.

22.5 Minutes of an AntWorks Ant Observation-Rescue Effort

chikngreez says...

This is cool, because you'd think that being insects or an "inferior race" that ants don't have the social capability to appreciate life. This definitely gives me a different perspective towards all beings on the Earth in the sense that, we're not the only ones who "care." Then again, I could be way off and they could just need these two for digging and can't spare any workers at the moment LOL

An independent film called BT *SNERK*


Stop suicide among GLBT youth

Reggaeton + Elephants + Peanutbutter = Awsome Ad

NSFW! - British Troops Beating Young Iraqis On Camera

Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling -- the 80s were F****ed up

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