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Surprising an 8-year-old with a new LEGO® arm - GWR

New Zealand PSA - Trade School

How Polaroid Went From Celebrity Favorite To Bankruptcy

WmGn says...

Given the title, I wanted to see the "how" addressed: why did they ride one horse into the ground rather than innovating? Why did Land make such a complete departure?

Running From The Police Fail

WmGn says...

No joke! It seems that the key is to jump at the right time. I hope (1) I never need to use that knowledge; and that (2) if I do, I remember it.

BSR said:

Looks to me like things went well. No death penalty here.

Rafting in Russia

Well this came close to being unsiftable

WmGn says...

This moved me: when the obvious thing to do was to run, to protect oneself, one person instead understood what would stabilize the ride, and ran into danger. That person alone would just have been at risk had not others followed.

Fire pilot makes epic drop at an extremely low level

WmGn says...

Does anyone know how much the plane's weight decreases during the drop, and how that changes its handling?

(I'm trying to work out how much harder this is than, say, coming in for a landing run.)

After action report on the South African attempting hijack

Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school

WmGn says...

I see that my careful arguments have not convinced you. 🙇

newtboy said:

Yeah, because parents are never up to no good....and moronic criminals never record their crimes.

Legitimate to worry, not legitimate to take it upon yourself to test it. I'm worried about my money in the bank, it's not legitimate for me to break into the vault to see how easy it is. Duh.

What?! How would the school not having funding to increase security in any way excuse her going to great lengths putting all other students at risk? It would be worse, because she would be going in knowing they CAN'T increase security because they can't afford to.

You are free to assume this person had only perfectly pure motives (just as others are free to assume she was going to kidnap a child for a sex slave while disguised as another child in a mask and hoodie), but that doesn't change the fact that she surreptitiously snuck into the school with no authorization or authority to do so. Her motives might be above board, her actions aren't even close. The proverbial road to Hell is what you think excuses her illegal actions.

Would you be fine with me, or any random citizen "testing" the security of your home when only your children are there? Gee....why not? Don't you think the other parents have the right to not have adults constantly trying to be in their schools disguised as kids under masks?

Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school

WmGn says...

On distinguishing between security checks and kidnappers/pedophiles/etc., I think that being a parent of a child at the school, and documenting the day seems a pretty clear distinction.

Agreed: if she'd been hired by the school to pen test, there would be no question. In this case, my argument is just that I don't see anything to suggest that she's anything other than a concerned parent. I think it's perfectly legitimate to worry about your children's security in a US school.

I don't know what steps parents have taken to try to improve security at the school - and don't know how much it matters: sure, she's in a stronger position if the school repeatedly rebuffed requests for spending their tight budget on security consultants.

newtboy said:

If a hacker breaks into a company and is CAUGHT, then claims they were just testing security....the hacker gets prosecuted. It's not the hackers job to expose the problem unless the company hired them to do that. ... How do you distinguish security checks from kidnappers, pedophiles, thieves, ....

Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school

WmGn says...

I'm going to vote for mum here.

If a hacker breaks into a company, or its software, and reports the breach to the company, the hacker often gets a bounty. It's not the hacker's job to think about how to fix the problem - although s/he may: it's the company's.

Yes, maybe she daughter is in trouble - but, if so, this would be due to the school's reaction.

Unless she's a real nut, I'd like to see the school thank her, and invite her to join a school safety parent-teacher body.

Everyone's lying about dice.

Victorian Gents Toilets at Rothesay Isle of Bute Scotland

Lighter in extreme Slow Motion

Rudy Giuliani’s Doing MyPillow Ads Now

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