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Eric3579 Hits Galaxy! (Sift Talk Post)

WeedandWeirdness says...

Dude. Dude! DUDE!!! This is going to be stuck in my head all day, but I surely won't mind because it is AWESOME!! I love the Sift, and the people, and Eric...way to go doll!! You rock and am truly lucky to be able to call you my friend!! <3

John Oliver - Republican Reactions to the Lewd Remarks

Christopher Walken- Everbody Dance Now

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you! (Happy Talk Post)

WeedandWeirdness says...

@eric3579, I told you how much you are loved here, and I know this may make you uncomfortable, but take a deep breath and enjoy your moment, cause it's all about the love!! You have become one of my closest friends, and I am really lucky!! I may not be able to stay a part of the Sift, but am happy to stay and see everyone celebrate you!!!

Corey Feldman's Crazy Today Show Performance

WeedandWeirdness says...

*promote because this just ruined my childhood and those dance moves alone are worth viewing this abomination. I am now going to go cry in the corner...

Beck - Wow

California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

WeedandWeirdness says...

Yep, that smell was on a whole new level, and created the worst headaches. When the wind would shift, the sea breeze carried that stench to where I used to live. Made me dispise being there even more, and had blocked it out until I read this. I first saw it at night and asked if I was looking at a bunch of tall buildings, shocked that it was a refinery, had never seen one so large. I'm sure it is not healthy to live near it, I know MD Anderson conducts studies on the workers there. Thank Geezus I got out of Texas!!!

newtboy said:

That place always reminds me of Texas City (a massive oil refinery just outside Houston). It's a 5-10minute drive on the freeway through some horrendous stench. I feel terrible for anyone living within 10 miles of either place.

Are Your Parents Smoking More Weed Than You?

The Trashmen - Surfin Bird - Bird is the Word (1963)

California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

WeedandWeirdness says...

Whenever we passed a farm that raised cattle when I was growing up, my father used to tell me the stench was "The smell of money." I can only imagine how hellush that smell of money is in the baking sun. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!!

eric3579 said:

That place smells so fucking nasty when you drive down 5.

Also "lose it" is a bit of an exaggeration (bait clicky). More about trying to intimidate.

This Week in WTF: Latinos for Trump

This Week in WTF: Latinos for Trump


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