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Daily Show - A "How To" on ridding a city of homelessness

One Of The Best Arguments For Deleting Facebook

Warmth- says...

NSA knows what's best for you.

I mean, surely their filtering algorithms have already analyzed a more accurate profile of you, than what your psychiatrist ever could? What with all the years of records of your internet searches, emails and videosift comments..

Seriously though, about this nice video, if you have a popular smartphone, no matter how you trust that fruit, droid or window logo, there's seriously no real guarantees that your activities are not recorded in whichever way, whenever. Any data on 'customers' is precious to these companies, or the NSA for that matter.

To be a bit cynical, I'd say that most people don't mind, they can't perceive anything strongly negative to come out of any of these privacy breaches. After all, so far the system has kept them relatively safe from the other ones, the evil ones.

To be even more cynical I'd say this hip guy, 10k likes on FB and all, seems to be quite smoothly riding the next generation's "My mom uses FB" disdain to .. I don't know? Maybe try to gain respect among this, certainly most sought after viewer demography, the younger generation, about to become consumers?

It could even be that he makes money on ads on YT views? But certainly Youtube, or their parent company, would never breach anyone's privacy, or make questionable sudden changes to their TOCs? Say, they wouldn't use the Chrome browser's or the Android OS's capabilities to use a connected mic to sift through recorded data?

Well, in any case, I've got to appreciate anyone who makes these matters more public and talked about, what ever their motives might be.

On another topic, as a loyal user of Google's mostly brilliant services, and mobile operating system, I was quite surprised to realize that I could see where I (or my phone) had been about, through their service here:

Luckily the feature can be turned off from the same site. I mean I'm sure it's off now, because I can't see any data there anymore..

silvercord (Member Profile)

Warmth- says...

Hi, I don't think I thanked you some four years ago, when you promoted me from probation to normal status, so, thank you, it was and is appreciated!

Making The Sift more user friendly (Sift Talk Post)

Warmth- says...

Hi, I'm a long time lurker. I happened to see an interesting 'Videosift lounge' -link in the top of the page yesterday, clicked it, and found out that the site has a chat lounge, which is quite nice!

I wound up chatting with @eric3579, and found out that the chat had been enabled for everyone just a few months ago. We got to talking about how hard it can be for a first time user to find out more information about what VideoSift is, and how it actually works.

I had seen this thread a couple of weeks ago, when I first time tried to find out some extra info on the site. I skimmed @Zawash's great post through for some info (on what power points can be used for etc.) - I didn't find the link to the FAQ then, I found the FAQ-link just today.. as it never occured to me to look for the link at the very bottom of the page, but from the top menu navigation bar instead.

I sketched that above linked image as we chatted, and now I just noticed that @dotdude had suggested just that idea already above. The sketch's question mark and font color is not as cool as the real design is, but in anycase, I too think that something of that sort would be more noticeable/clear place for FAQ/Help for the new people?

Do you guys think that to make this happen, we could perhaps cut the task in to two? One for the mighty Admins, and one for the helpful, interested parties in this talk thread? Admins would create cool graphics and code the link for the help menu, and the layout views for a sectioned help text, and then another task for all the long time pro sifters, in creating all that text for those help sections? A bit like @Zawash has done here?

Could that work be done in anonymous google document (does require Google-account (I think, maybe, note sure if it even requires that), but editing and commenting on the document doesn't reveal identity in any case)?

If there are helpful and knowledgeable people, perhaps this document could be used for the work of creating a good help section and updated FAQ?

I'm going to currently just copy all the material from the FAQ in there, and edit it to look nice and clear, and then separate 'Help/instructions' sort of stuff in to another section, and leave only actual basic Questions in the FAQ-section. Anyone's free to help and contribute! And if you come up with a better way of organizing everything, or want to write a completely new section, just use the document and do it!

I'm a total newb when it comes to anything related to actually using this site and its features (only submitted a couple of videos), so I think I'm underqualified for doing this by myself, so I sure hope you guys could help!

Just hop on in to the document and start doing useful stuff when ever!
Don't worry about accidentally doing anything, there's a complete undo feature in Google Docs, and each edit revision is saved as its own version, so if someone decides to vandalize (I heavily doubt anyone would do such a thing!) this, I can get the last good version back, and then put on restrictions on to who can edit etc. But, I'll do those things only if there is a need for that, let's keep the document super easily accessible and commentable for now!


(BTW. I really appreciate all the effort of the Admins and sifters have put in to the site over the years! I believe that there's quite a few other people besides me, who mostly just lurk around, and do not contribute much to the site actively.
That reluctance to participate might of course be due to us lurkers being like we are, but also it could heavily be related to the way in which it's a bit hard to find out about how stuff works currently..)

The video you need to watch about SOPA

Warmth- says...

>> ^ChaosEngine:

[..] we have Stan. Stan is a small time artist who one day creates a cartoon character (let's call him arachnid-man) that becomes kinda popular.
BakeCo sees this and starts selling ArachnidMan cakes without paying Stan any money.
Most people would agree that this is unfair.
Now if you can't tell the difference between that, and a small company allowing people to print their own designs, your thinking is broken.

I agree, with your example, that would be somewhat unfair, especially since Stan is a small time artist.

But then, this is not the example given in the talk?

Equivalent would be something like Stan's neighbor buying Stan's comics, and thinking that they're great, he'd go to the BakeCo and order a customized cake with ArachnidMan[tm] on top of it. Now, if he just ate it with his son and his birthday guests, I can't see anything wrong with that?

Now if anyone started mass producing and selling those ArachnidMan[tm] cakes for profit, without a share going to Stan, that's when I think it starts to get in to the gray areas of morality..

silvercord (Member Profile)

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