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Payback (Member Profile)

TheSandmaN says...

Hey thanks Payback! Yeah, I feel like I went through some sort of bizarre hazing ritual initiated by chicchorea, but in the end cool heads prevail!
Looking forward to being a part of the active community rather than just a viewer - thanks again!

Payback said:

Hey Sandman, welcome to the Sift! It's the vigilance of @chicchorea and others that really contribute to the quality here. You seem to have done everything right and not taken it all personally. Kudos!

The Rage is real - gamer smashes monitor

TheSandmaN says...

Sure thing. I found a gif of the video while surfing and I wanted to post a video of it on VideoSift, so I searched and found it on YouTube which I then, after going over the posting guidelines on the VideoSift site multiple times, posted as my first video here.

lucky760 said:

Thanks for the explanation, @TheSandmaN.

Can you inform how you came to find the video? It's one of these cases where there are relatively few views on a very new video, so if you aren't affiliated with the video, then how did you manage to find and view it for the first time?

I don't want this to be a witch hunt, but also, if you're not affiliated with the video this should be a pretty mundane question to answer.

The Rage is real - gamer smashes monitor

TheSandmaN says...

Hi everyone - I am a proud citizen born and raised in the good ol' US of A. I'm not sure why this person 'chicchorea' is wanting to ban me, but it sounds like he is accusing me of being the original owner and uploader of the video on YouTube which is absolutely not the case. I found a funny short video on YouTube, read all of the posting guidelines multiple times, and in no way does it show that I am violating any of them.
I apologize as this is my very first video I have posted on VideoSift and If it is not correct to post a link to the original video on YouTube then I will remove it. Again, I am in no way connected to nor affiliated with the original poster on YouTube. I also gave credit to the game CS:GO and posted a link to it on Steam, but if that is not allowed please let me know and I will remove that link as well.
Thank you for your time.

chicchorea (Member Profile)

TheSandmaN says...

The video I posted is not my own video, nor did I self-post, nor did I violate any of the posting guidelines, so I'm not quite sure what your issue is with the video.

chicchorea said:

Under the posted guidelines, self-linking or the posting of one's own videos is prohibited.

chicchorea (Member Profile)

SpaceX Makes History | MARS

No Man's Sky Expectations Vs. Reality

TheSandmaN says...

Funny video and the bad harmonica version of the Jurassic Park theme is hilarious however.... the game is actually really damn fun!
It's really a true space sim without much of a story line. A rough comparison can be made to Minecraft (before single player story came out) only many MANY orders of magnitude larger. Or really any great sandbox game out there without much story.
If you like space, sci-fi, exploring, and discovering, then this game is for you. One of my only wishes for this game is for a true multiplayer component, but for now it's Zen and the Art of Space Exploration. Soundtrack by 65daysofstatic is incredible, and only barely surpassed (for me) by the Eve Online ambient soundtracks.

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