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Sawtooth Mountains Earthquake - Baron Spire Collapse

Car Jumps Into Dealership Parking Lot

Car Jumps Into Dealership Parking Lot

Nostalgia Video: a video store in a basement

3 Perplexing Physics Problems

This Amateur Physicist Built a Fusion Reactor in His Shed

Don't break into/crash into/key a Tesla

TRRazor says...

There are really just a couple of rules in life:
1.) Don't hurt no one
2.) Don't steal
3.) Don't litter

Spot - Launch Commercial

Clip_1979 James Bond 007 Close Encounters

Morty Picks Up Stacy

Little Girl Puts On Lipstick All By Herself

High school teen's elaborate prom proposal

Evolution Of Prince Of Persia Games [1989-2018]

Guy farts in a singing booth

TRRazor says...

The cut to his face, him having his eyes closed and just thoroughly being lost in the moment, while the girl is trying to open the door is what makes this pure gold...

Man shows impressive barehanded grip on South African cliff

TRRazor says...

Wow man...chill out maybe?

VideoHasBeenSifted said:

A well rehearsed climb I assure you. A properly positioned camera to give the perception of great height. Most likely just a warm-up routine with no supportive gear. This is only about 100 ft from base and a pro-climber would not be exhausted by this. Classic view whoring. The overhang was route was specifically chosen so he could have something hang-off of. Another example of a low-achiever recklessly putting themselves in harms way so they can talk about adventure and achievement. Emergency workers are sickened by this. You are not suddenly "cool", "interesting", or respected by this.

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