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The Earth is hollow and there are people living there!

JeremiahBritt says...

This guy has some crazy leaps of logic there.

The crust is moving over a liquid mantel--> "inner sun"

Who the hell has these theories.

I don't understand how a ball of glowing metal would be suspended in the middle of the earth if the gravity is centered within the crust. Wouldn't the slightest wobble tip it plummeting towards one of the interior walls? It's not like regular orbit, with satellites constantly falling and missing the earth; inside there'd be no way for it to miss.

Flying Lawnmower?

Tackled woman tasered by Pittsburg cop at anti-recuiter protest

JeremiahBritt says...

The video is edited to start right as she is getting tazed, and I agree with theo47, she does not appear to be restrained. It also looks as though she is fighting back, and, although the angle make it hard to tell, she appears to hit one of the officers.

Pjotro's magical, musical suit powered by sweet dance moves.

Talented Korean Kid

JeremiahBritt says...

What is even more amazing than her obvious genius is her hand-eye coordination. Children are not fully myelinized until about ten and generally do not have the speedy nerve response necessary for such quick and accurate muscle control.

Best fight scene of all time

The Clumsy Reporter

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