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oxdottir (Member Profile)

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Tube Attack

Tube Attack

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Hillary: Don't Think Of A Black Man

JackieOh says...

Obama's not black, he's bi-racial. and if he was some white dude or a woman there's no way he'd be getting this much attention with his meager voting record and as little experience as he has.

Christopher Hitchens - Why Women aren't funny

JackieOh says...

I wonder if he'd also claim that gay men can't be as funny as straight men? According to his logic, men are only funnier to attract a female mate. Would that also mean that maybe uglier guys have evolved to be funnier to compensate for their lack of good looks? and whats the logic behind jewish women being funny? he didnt really explain that. does he think jews are more dyke-ish? He's not that good looking or funny, I'd definitely never screw him. Now Dane Cook on he other hand...he is FUUUNUNNNYY!

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