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Ricky Gervais on His "Pathological Atheism"

Bradaphraser says...

You might as well ask "How can something interact with something that is digital without being itself digital?" A failure of imagination does not discount the possibility of existence. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

That said, I'm not putting any money on "an invisible magician did it" when I ask how something came about.

rebuilder said:

That was a bit of a rant you went off on, there... But, this bit reminds me of what most puzzles me about certain beliefs - How can something interact with the physical world without being, itself, physical? I see no way, logically, to have a being not constrained by the laws of the physical world and still able influence anything in it. If you can't have that, surely omnipotence, at least, goes out the window?

Why the Stimulus Failed: A Case Study of Silver Spring, MD

Bradaphraser says...

I think the point dystopianfuturetoday is making is that when regulation is reduced, there is ALWAYS collusion. Adam Smith understood this. "Two men of the same trade cannot meet, even for merriment and diversion, without the conversation ending in a conspiracy against the public."

The general idea is that SOME regulation is necessary to ENSURE that supply and demand are driving prices, and not guilds and cartels.

Cat Soothes Baby To Sleep

North Korean Television Announces Death Of Kim Jong Il

Bradaphraser says...

I had totally expected a report about how Kim Jong Il had seen a meteor heading for his train, jumped from it, caught it and redirected it, giving his life to save everyone on the train. Since they claim he just died of "fatigue," it makes me wonder if he was assassinated or something. North Korean journalism is of the quality of Baghdad Bob.

At least Kim Jong died never having to take more than one swing at a golf ball to get it in the hole...

The strangest video of a naked lady you will see!

Поющая кукуруза - an opera

Marijuana Legalization Hearing in Washington State Part 1/4

Bradaphraser says...

As always, C-SPAN caliber material makes for riveting television. Why can't they make awesome graphics for important stuff like this? It'd make the layman care about it more.

If Futurama Was a NES Game

The American Dream

The American Dream

The First 360 view of the Full Sun

Lazy Teenage Superheros - Made for $300

Fox News - "Holy shit, death panels are back!!"

Bradaphraser says...

I hate this shit. It shows an Obama quote, where he explains what the opposition is saying, cut out the part where he explains what's really going on, and then pick back up where he says that what's going on isn't the simplistic death panels. So it looks like he's saying, "This stuff where we're killing grandma to cut costs ... weel, we're not going to have death panels." Leaving room for my mother to say, "See? He is for killing the elderly, just not for calling them death panels." Spreading misinformation knowingly should be outlawed.

December 21, 2010 - Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

DR Who-the fury of a timelord

Bradaphraser says...

I of course meant Baker. I thought he was third, but a quick check of Wikipedia tells me my memory is faulty and that I'm a terrible person who should research before making comments off the cuff. Yeah, Wikipedia said all that... it's kinda a jerk. It was in the appeal, that's why you didn't see it...

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