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Standup Comic Todd Glass Tells off Rude Girl

8369 says...

>> ^Darkhand:
I hate being told to "SHHH" you can tap me on the shoulder and say "Could you please be quiet" or "Excuse me you are being loud can you please keep your voice down". But if anyone tells me to "SHHH" they get the finger.

How about if I just cut to the chase, and give you the finger first then?

Mentally Handicapped Man Wins the Battle, But Loses the War

8369 says...

^"What I see is a retarded man who is distracted and on his cellphone, then out of the corner of his eye he sees someone/something charging at him and he puts his foot out to stop it to make sure that thing doesn't invade his personal space."

Something Charging At him? The kid ran up to the counter to eagerly get a burger, thats hardly charging at him. as far as putting out his foot to make sure he didn't invade his personal space... are you retarded? he walked four steps up to the kid, and kicked him. you don't need sound to see that. I'm not sticking up for the father either, the other kid was obviously retarded and decking him wasn't the best choice in the world... I mean seriously, if you can't go out in public without kicking and punching people around you... maybe you should just stay at home, that goes for the both of them.

Though, if someone kicked my little kid for no reason, i really can't say what i'd do.

Man in Suit Steals a laptop

Palin Receives Blessing of Protection From Witchcraft

Halloween Contest! (Horrorshow Talk Post)

The Last Laugh: October 14 2007

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Fjnbk (Member Profile)

8369 says...

I'm so sick of hearing the word maverick... I'm never going to watch Top Gun again, which is probably all for the best anyways. Oh, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw her consistently side stepping into typical republican rhetoric.

In reply to this comment by Fjnbk:
oF coUrse, beCause everybody Knows that big girls completelY ignOre and dismiss emotional and sad stories so they can pivot into some lUnacy about being mavericks.

The Schindler Jews Today

Zero Punctuation - Mercenaries 2

8369 says...

>> ^joedirt:
WTF.. How is this video on the frontpage and with 15+ votes in under 20 minutes??????
It's not new and good, it just more of a weekly repeat.

I'm trained like Pavlov's dog, I don't even watch them anymore, i just upvote I know it's going to be funny anyways, and heck, now i've saved myself myself five minutes that i can spend watching a guy get hit in the nuts... sweeeeet.

Our Hotels Are So Comfy, You Want To Fart In Them

8369 says...

I get it, on one hand your saying that your rooms are so comfortable... you'll feel at ease enough to fart in them.

Then on the other hand, you’re also letting us know why your rooms smell like hundreds of thousands of sweaty farts. Seriously, whoever cam up with that commercial, you should be working on the McCain campaign.

Peeing on Electric Fence.. you just HAD to try it!

Absurd Alphabet Song

Propane tank versus Truck

JCPenney Get That Look (Breakfast Club) Commercial

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