Rasch187: Like a rolling crown


Rasch187 - that guy from the capital of Sweden - just got his 1000th star, my friends, so you know what that means: He's a minor globular cluster now. That is all.

Oh yeah, he also gets a crown. Yes sir, he's the Sift's tenth royal member. And he's very deserving of it too. He's brought so many great videos here, and I've really enjoyed a buttload of his musical selections. He keeps this place in working order with his countless dead video fixes. (Don't let that number in his profile fool you; he's fixed at least a thousand more than what it says.) And he goes all out to make people feel special by doing so many congratulatory posts. So to say the least, he is a well-rounded member. And he hates Family Guy, which makes him aces in my book.

So please give the king of rock his dues. He's earned it.

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