Public apology to Dag and Lucky

I could spew all sorts of reasons for why I choose to be negative most of the time. I love the site, I have made good friends here (and grrrreat enemies!) but I disagree with the way the site has progressed.
So I speak up about that. The idea of community and freedom of speech is that you have to listen to shit you disagree with.

I'll get to the apology in a bit... read on.

You should understand that the level of "hate" i express is equal to the level of love i have for the site. That's how we Aries roll.

But... I also realise that my tone means that some people only ever read my comments with a negative prejudice, and that's totally my fault... I am not expressing myself properly and I deserve to be misunderstood/flamed/trollwinized. I have used this site as a stress reliever and now all my comments are interpreted like that, even the constructive ones. it's my own stupid fault.

Anyway that's all one thing, I don't really give a shit, this is just the internet... but hurting another person in real life is another more serious thing.

This is a public apology because I have realised that what I do here actually causes the admins personal pain (as opposed to mild administrative annoyance). I thought my little one man show was part of the "social experiment" but actually it's just hurting hard-working people unnecessarily. I have a ridiculously thick skin and tend to assume everyone else does too. I am genuinely sorry and ashamed.

It was never my intention to cause actual suffering in another human, I don't even swat flies. For me it was just rough and tumble, but I have realised that it's not welcome.

I know it is probably hard for some of you to believe, I know that half of you are preparing comments such as "shut the fuck up you attention seeking whore nobody cares what you think". That's ok, it's my fault some of you see me that way.

As the site is now in a bit of a funding crisis and the admins are obviously under pressure, i hereby declare ceasefire. I will continue to offer my opinion on the completely misguided policies of the admins, but I shall do so with respect and tact... or i will just stfu.

This is NOT a parody or a backhanded cynical strategy, this is a genuine apology and I hope at least Dag and Lucky can believe it.

I am sorry for pain I have caused even if I don't retract my position. My opinions on the site remain unchanged, but I don't need to rub salt into wounds, that's just assholery. I tried to leave, twice, but I can't. I still see a lot of potential in the site and I am impressed by (yes, jealous of) what Dag and Lucky have achieved. If I carry on being a cunt about it, just ban me. If anyone puts this in the gay channel, rape them with a rusty spoon.

Sincerely, MINK
dag says...

Thanks Mink. I wholeheartedly accept and appreciate you coming forward with a statement like this. I apologise if I have been overtly hostile to you - to be truthful I had written you off and "trollwinized" you.

We have certainly had our differences - we could probably publish a book on our private profile comments. Not that anyone would read it. Now ... I think I feel a song coming on.

lucky760 says...

Thanks for demonstrating you are in fact a human and not a Cylon. I accept with a smile and hope for the future- hope... for change. Honestly, it's very big of you.

Pardon me if my knee-jerk reactions have been too violent and possibly unwarranted toward you at times. (Uh-hem.) I guess it's like you said- We work day and night on this site and are under a bit of pressure especially now, and I can sometimes blow up when you use a more insulting, less friendly tone when offering critiques.

Now let's all join hands and prance about. I can see clearly now; the rain is gone...

maatc says...

♪ ♫♪♪ ♫♪♪ You better mink (mink) mink about what you're trying to do to the sift
Yeah, mink (mink, mink), let your mind go, let yourself be free

You need the sift (need the sift) and the sift needs you (don't you know)
Without eachother there ain't nothing people can do... ♫♪♪ ♫♪♪ ♫♪♪ ♫♪

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