Open call for playlist joiners: the 9-vote PQUEUED vids

If you haven't seen it, check out the PQUEUED-with-9-Votes playlist.

It's a crazy experiment which has lasted longer than I would have expected. And with the advent of group playlists, I realized I can make it much more useful.

This is a call for anyone who would like to help with this high-maintenance list.

I know you can accomplish the same thing by just running the following query - all pqueued vids with at least 8 and no more than 9 votes - but this has the added bonus of giving those vids you see worthy of making it out of queue escape the little push they need without firing off an entire promote on them. I just ran the search and saw about 660 vids with that status so this playlist does have its way of 'adding value'.

The advanced search term I have above would make it easy for me to quickly add a mess of vids (assuming you'll upvote many of those vids yourself, adding a vid with 9 votes is a waste of time, unless you don't have time to watch it...).

Send me a message or comment here if you're interested in joining the list.

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