Need a bit of advice for data recovery services *URGENT*

Long story short, my wife's Powerbook G4 is about 3-4 years old and recently started shutting down. Me being the computer nerd that I am told her to back up her stuff and disconnected my external hard drive and brought it over and set it on her desk. That was Sunday. Suddenly today the powerbook wont boot up past the white apple logo and the load screen is accompanied by a "click - click - click" from the insidsers. After not believing that all her data was probably lost on the hard drive I popped the OS disk in and showed her that the hard drive wasn't functional anymore (the SMART monitoring listed the drive status as "Failed."

After an acusitory fight brought on by the stress of her losing all of her graduate work/music/pictures and my "Told you to back that shit up a week ago!" attitude (i know it was really only two days but I still feel justified) the data loss is sinking in and she's realizing what she lost. I told her as a last resort we could scope out some data recovery software or send the hard drive off to a service that handles these things. Can anyone reccomend a service that has worked for them? I dont think software is an option at this point but any advice is warmly welcomed.

Also, please pardon the siftpost, I'm a poor bastard now and consequently dont have a blog to go with my account anymore.
Many thanks in advance!

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