Get Together! First Beer is on me!

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I would maybe like to get into the planning stage of it should any of you be interested:

Let´s all get together for a party and have a beer in real life!
(or a yogi tea or minutemaid with eggnogg or whatever your preferred beverage might be)

I think there are so many interesting people here that odds are some of us would get along great in real life as well.
I am calling out to all of you who are interested in meeting new people with a common passion for the Sift and who are not scared away by the possibility of ladybug73 turning out to be manboobs57 or some other surprise. I for my part would happily take my chances because meeting new people is always great! If this is nothing for you and you are happier anonymus in front of your screen, then that is perfectly fine!

Because we are most likely spread out all over the globe, it would of course be difficult to get all of us in one spot.
So my location suggestions for the first meeting would be:

  • London
    because it is quite easy to get to from almost anywhere in Europe

  • New York
    Because everyone loves to go there anyway, and it´s easy to get to for the US/Canadian sifters (and I might be there around New Years)

  • Berlin
    because I live there and I am lazy and selfish

    I am aware this leaves out Africa, Asia, Australia and South America for now, but I am sure if this catches on meetings will spring up there too!

    The Timeframe should allow all of us to plan ahead a little, so maybe in at least 6 weeks time or early next year would work.

    Should there be some kind of agreement on Berlin as a location I am offering to take care of some details and arrange for places to stay, cold beer and whatnot.

    Should anyone in the above mentioned locations feel like he/she would like to be involved in organizing something like this: Raise your hand!
    Also feel free to make other suggestions for locations of course! (Try to put yourself in the visitors shoes though and make it somewhere with an airport for us.) Budget allowing, I would try to come anywhere in Europe for this.

    Hope to see you soon,

    P.S.: Hey siftbot! Are there some stats on what location most sifters are from?

    P.S.S.: I will be off to Norway for a week come tomorrow evening, so don´t be surprised If I don´t follow this post too closely until mid next week, but hopefully we will have some suggestions by then and we can start working on an actual date and a location.

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