Dupeof - Thoughts

I've used Dupeof several times recently, and I've come to realize the sheer power and potential for abuse or error in it.
What I'm wondering about are ways to make it less destructive, or at least to include some safeguards.

- The first idea, which should be there anyway, IMO, is having Siftbot post a message on the original sift to declare "Video X has been declared a dupe of this video, votes moved, yada yada". That at least would create some record of the *dupeof. Would be nice to send the duper a message as well, since at the moment, if I happen to submit a dupe, I will find out when it disappears from my lists and appears in the killed section.

- The second idea is to have some sort of admin Undo button, but that might be much more difficult to accomplish from a dev perspective.

- The third idea is to give several users "Dupe Approver" responsibilities. Instead of immediately accepting any dupeof command, Siftbot will move the video to a potential dupe pool, similar to dead pool, where dupe approvers will look in from time to time, compare the two and decide dupe or no dupe.

Anyways, just some thoughts on making a non-problem become less of a potential problem

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