Blankfist is on the spit, ready for roasting on monday


You are cordially invited to partake in that most painful of talks - the roast! Our most dearest of buddys, blankfist, is ready for your pokers and prodders.

I will ring the bell on Monday and it will run for the next eight years, or however long Obama stays in office, or how long a sticky lasts - we'll see which.

Roastee: blankfist
MC: gwiz665

Sifters who are not already on the roast-roster and participate will be added to the list and included for the next roll of the dice.

You have the weekend to get ready and for those who don't know who blankfist is, I have included a huge questionnaire that you can work on in the mean time, below.

Questionnaire below:

What do you do when you are not at the computer?
File restraining orders against gwiz665 for being a creepy stalker.

What is your favorite of your posted videos?
It's a toss up between and

What is your favorite video on videosift?
Who knows? I really like this one:

How many avatars have you had since being a member? What were (are) they?
Geez. I've gone through so many. Mainly Kubrick variants. I'm digging the new Statue of Liberty with the taser.

What non-self-involved site do you visit most often?
Crane's Inanities.

Is that underwear boxer, brief, or birthday?
Boxers. Some of them worn down to nothing more than threads and elastic. My girlfriend actually has to goad me into throwing them away when my balls start peeking out like 'Kilroy Was Here'.

What is your ratio of pairs of shoes to underwear?
Probably close to 4:1 or 5:1. That's with a higher percentage of boxers to shoes, obviously.

Would you most prefer to be involved in a monumental one-of-a-kind hiking expedition, working on a breakthrough cure for a debilitating illness , or presenting the discovery of a revolutionary new way to parse data?
Debilitating illness.

What is your favorite ice cream topping? Favorite (non-ice-cream-related) spice?
I don't care for sweets too often, but when I do get that urge I like toffee bars. There's an awesome Mario Batali place here in LA called Pizzeria Mozza that has a kick ass meyer lemon gelato pie with candied lemon zest and Champagne vinegar sauce. As far as my favorite "spice" it has to be anything spicy. I like peppers on everything.

Are you a tits, ass, or legs man?
Every bit of that. I love all women types and all woman parts.

What kind of pet(s) do you have? Include name(s).
Maceo is my full bred Oriental Shorthair with chronic renal failure. Here's his album on photobucket:

Do you have any image(s) of yourself online that you're willing to share?
There are some in the Maceo photo album above.

What is your most frequented source of news?
I don't have one source of news. But, I do listen to's podcasts while I work.

What is your beverage (poison) of choice?
Depends. When I'm dieting I drink wine. I love a good bottle of wine. A good California Zin or Syrah from Santa Ynez is incredible. When I'm not dieting, I also enjoy a good beer. A Blue Moon sans orange. A red ale can be perfection.

Have you ever been arrested?
Yep. Two DUIs. I've also been arrested for disorderly conduct (you know, that catch-all charge) for fucking a chick in a jacuzzi at Myrtle Beach. She also had a twin sister. Banged her, too. I'm a class act.

What’s your go-to move for making a good first impression?
Eye contact followed up by crazy eyes.

How would you describe your coif: bangs, balding or rug?
Not balding. I have a full, thick hair.

Is your face clean-shaven or do you have a beard, a goatee or a mustache?
I do want a burly, porn star mustache, but I'm clean shaven. I typically shave once a week, so a scruffy face is typical.

List your five most cherished possessions.
The Story of the Three Bibles: a history of my great great grandfather working in the oppressive southern mill towns. Amazing Fantasy #15 signed by Stan Lee. A 6 foot x 5 foot lithographic poster for Spider-Man 2 I framed and have hanging in my bedroom (nerd alert). My first film. A 1980s hot pink Powell Peralta Sword and Skull skateboard.

What religion, if any, did you practice as a child?
Protestant. Southern Baptist and Presbyterian.

What about now?

What is your favorite memory?
My second year of film school. Having my short film win the audience vote. That was a good day for me. Oh, and having sex with that high school cheerleader and watching her walk across the room while back lit by the TV was a nice memory too.

What was your favorite childhood television show?
Scooby Doo, probably.

How would you describe your personal style/sense of fashion/taste for life/artistic flair?
I'm rather unpretentious. I like simply button ups and t-shirts and jeans.

Who is your favorite Sift Hero?
Is there such a thing? Well, in that case, I really appreciate KP and DFT and Issy.

What goal do you have while a Videosift member?
To never downvote a video since the Siftopocalypse.

Do you upvote comments more for their originality, sense of humor, or self-deprecation?
All three. If you make me chuckle, you'll most likely get an upvote. Or if I find your political perspective agreeable.

Are you a lover or a fighter?
When I'm drunk, I'm a fighter. When I'm sober, I'm a lover.

Who do you respect the most on videosift?
I respect jonny a lot. Where is that dirty bastard?

Do you consider yourself emotional?
Sometimes. I fight it. I can be a very passionate person, but I spend a great deal of energy trying to overcome my passion and be more insightful and use reason to make decisions whenever possible. I live in fear like anyone else, but I don't let it cripple me.

Do you feel you are the same in real life and on videosift?
Haha. Pretty much. I'm a real harasshole.

Approximate the percentage of time you work and you play on a computer.
I work on the computer, so I play and work 24/7.

If you had a time machine would you travel to an era in the past or future? Explain.
Tertiary Period. Who doesn't want to watch the rise of the mammals? And those prehistoric birds, like the diatryma, are amazing! But, if I could go back in time and be young again? Well, that would be splendid. I had an awesome childhood.

If you could choose your own way of death, what would it be?
Death by holding my pee.

What is your favorite kind of food?

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Drawing comics on folded notebook paper with my best friend. Also drawing mazes and creating games on paper.

What is your most sacred personal rant?
The one I do every day.

What is your favorite color?

What three sites do you visit most often?
Videosift. email. facebook. Is there really anything else to do online? Seriously?

If you had one super human power, what would it be? Which ability would you be least likely to choose?
I dig Wolverine's claws, but then flying would be a bitch because you couldn't go through the metal detectors. I'm also a big fan of Spider-Man, so web swinging would be cool, too. Yeah, I'd probably pick that one. I'd be least likely to choose the power of AIDS.

What are your experiences with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux? Which do you use now?
I use both Mac and PC. Depends on what I'm doing.

Name five hot celebrities you wish to see nude.
Jessica Alba. Mila Kunis. Evangeline Lilly. Keira Knightley. Anne Hathaway. Megan Fox. Wait, how many was that?

How do you feel when it comes to extreme preachers of religion? What would you say to one if they came up to you in the street?
I don't care for them, but I probably would just ignore them.

If you were going to be arrested and imprisoned for 20 years no matter what you did, what would you do to go out with a bang ( or without one )?
I'd probably figure out a way to leave the country. And, no matter what Hollywood tells you, the Mexican border is probably the worst place to go.

If every illegal activity were to be made legal for one day, what would you do on that day? Pillage, thieve, sit on your couch and watch banned TV shows, what?
I'd probably drink a beer while driving or something tame like that. I think most people would remain rather tame and well behaved.

How do you feel about the different kinds of body art (piercings, tattoos, scars, etc)?
I think they're fine.

How were you introduced to video games? What was the first game you played?
My dad had a crappy home console system from the 70s that basically had pong. It was awesome, but also crappy. I used to go to arcades a lot growing up. I loved Mat Mania and Legend of Kage - both from the 80s.

What are ten of your interests/hobbies?
Drinking. Fucking. Writing. Filmmaking. Watching movies. Jousting. Rape. Is that ten?

What is your favorite memory as a teenager?
Sex. Such wonderful, wonderful moments.

List up to five movies you really like.
In the Name of the Father. Star Wars. 2001. Full Metal Jacket. Robocop.

List five movies you really hate.
Practical Magic. There can be only one worthy of my hate.

Why have you stuck with the sift for so long? Is there anything that has made you consider leaving the site?
I don't know why I'm still here. I am completely fringe when it comes to my politics, so I cannot answer that. I have wanted to leave. Mostly because I tire of debating NetRunner.

Why do you upvote/downvote comments?
I upvote because I agree with them or find them funny. I downvote to piss burdturgler off.

What made you pick blankfist as a username?
It means empty fight. It's a name of peace. Nah, just playing, I just slapped those two words together back in 98 and the rest was history.

What are you afraid of?
People who are afraid of people.

Who are the Legion of Douche?
Lex Luthor2000
Gorilla Groddirt
And once, Solomon Jonny tried to join.

Cats, or dogs?

When it comes to music, what are your tastes?
Rock wins most of the time. I love being nostalgic, though, so I'll listen to the cheesiest hair metal such as Slaughter and fucking love it.

Are you a habitual cross-dresser? Ever flirted with it and worn ladies clothes of any kind?
Just panties. Hey, I'm trying to emulate Ed Wood.

What would your last meal, if you could plan ahead, look like?

If you could buy a single item, of any choice, which would it be?
Mena Suvari's breasts.

If you could have someone assassinated today, who would it be and why (if anyone)?
No one. I try to not endorse violence.

Who is your enemy?
Statists who think the majority should tell the minority what to do.

Who is your best friend/sifter?
My girlfriend is my best friend. As far as sifters, that would probably be KP or DFT.... or choggie.

You used to be a military man, did you not? What did you do? Why not anymore?
I did. Was in the US Navy long enough to get them awesome government benefits and then I bailed. I was a Radioman: Essentially that's communications, and believe it or not I used to have a Top Secret security clearance. Why not anymore? Have you noticed my personality is not one of following orders? I was a not a good fit.

Any injuries a.k.a "weak spots"?
I broke my right hand just at my pinkie knuckle. I had my big toenail removed in the military and that damn thing never grew back right. My balls are weak.

State secrets to divulge?
State secrets? No, I try to not get involved with the business of the state.

You're a web developer nowadays, care to show your work?
I am hesitant, because if a client found these links on google and followed it back to this vile roast, that would most likely not be a good thing.

If you were running for president, what would be your talking points? Which issues are important to you?
Obviously I'd run on a pro-liberty, classic liberal platform. I'd ask people to vote for me if they believe in trusting their neighbor's right to choose his own destiny without coercion. I'd also promise to make Noam Chomsky likeness the new welcome mat at the White House.

Which of your PQ'ed videos has been most unfairly neglected?
All of them! Go upvote them all! I have 163 videos in there! Help a brother out. I thought this one was funny and was surprised it only got 2 votes:

Which sift-geists (fads on the sift) have you loved/hated?
I loved it when Siftbot was punk and had that mohawk thing with the early Bowie paint on his face. I didn't like it when he went grunge, though, because metal cylinders don't look good in flannel - it just made him look like an asshole.

When and why did you join videosift? Instant poster or did you lurk first?
Member since 2007-07-04. I lurked for a year maybe before that?

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