Some dudes nuke a cow. Really.

Um, ok, check it out: so like these dude all hadda nuke and shit and they were hella dabbin' because what's more awesome than having a nuke? So they pulled a HELLA bong sesh and got way hella fucked up. Anyway, one of these dude all had a cow and shit -- like a REAL cow, not that he lost his shit and shit -- and they were all hella fucked up and like "Dude! We gotta cow AND a nuke!!" Them motherfuckers knew exactly what they had to do: three more hard pulls on ol' Lung Death. Now they're complete fuckin' roasted and listening to Devin Townsend when one of the dudes busts out laughing! And they're all, "Dude? What the fuck are you laughing at?" and he pointed out the window. There's a hella COW standing out there, and before they could even think, FUCKIN' BOOM!!! And the cow's all WTF? But the dude's are all hella rollin' and shit because they just nuked a fucking cow!! Fucking legends, those guys!

Later on, General Groves discovered his stash was missing and he busted Oppenheimer because that rat-fuck Teller all narced him off and shit.

Crazy days, dudes.

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