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American fail


The idiocy of the crowd and the irony is unbelievable , some Americans are so ignorant and dumb its astounding and its not like in other countries where they can be forgiven for being ignorant do to lack of access to education or wealth.

I don't get how in a first world country you can have people on a university campus that are so misinformed and don't Evan grasp basic concepts.

IS video sift ( for the most part) redundant ?


Faster to go through content more comments easer to find videos.

Sure video sift has its own community so u can still find certain videos but for the masses Reddit is far better than video sift

For me Reddit is my primary source , then I check through Video sift , live leak , dumpalink , brake to make sure I dont miss any new video content online.

I think unless video sift changes and offers something substantially orgonal then over time i can just see it bieng less and less worth while going to.

Video sift back from the dead

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Why bother posting vids to the video sift

the whole thing is quite stupid , (probably as much as everything else)

I have posted some videos and i can see it as a general thing to just do but after thinking about it it seems a bit piontless ,

why do people care if there video gets voted up , in the end if you like it thats all that matters why should you give a shit if a comunity of people online vote for it ?

I can see the sift as a benofit from an exsternal perspective as you get to see new clips every day and it saves you going through you tube .

but from the perspective of posting videos its a bit stupid . you realy dont get annything out of it,

not that thats a huge issue i mean everything is arguably piontless , but i wonder if on reflectoin if people realy thought about it if they could come to a real conclusoin that posting videos on the video sift was the best thing for them to be doing.

i mean sure its socail and so u do stuff for the sake of the enjoyment within it , but presumably if u have friends u would just put vids on your face book or send it to them directly over msn or whatever you use .

do people realy care about moving up in the system and getting stars and what have you , i know some people like that sort of thing in the same way people try to unlock all the achivments in games , if there is a system in place that has an outcome that can be achived with grind and they can see that its achiveable then they will generaly just do it , regardless of what the system or game is.

Its all a bit strange .

It seems that all human activties are esentualy irratoinal.

live streem channel / live sift whatever ?

lots of live streems seem to be poping up , might be nice to have a seperate place where u can easily search through them ,

allso loads of live channels and stuff on winamp , would be cool to have a voting system for people to vote which were the best or whatever , as they are perminent i guess they would just have to rotate around and what have you i dont know .

just saying live streems r obvously quite difrent from clips but can still benofit from there own chan , or space

Merchandise, T-shirts are shit

Why not have a plush toy of the sift bot and draw more attention to this character, I’m fairly confident more people would buy a plush toy of sift bot than would ever buy useless poorly made Tshirts.

A sift bot would also be a unique character and original way to promote the site.

Who wouldn’t have space on their desk for a sift bot?

Incredibly offensive racist post.

Despite the video sifts firm stance on racism, the Dark evil has returned and it appears that the vidualent community members have completely missed it.

I was enjoying a cup of tea and watching some clips and I read this, cussing me to spill my beverage down my front and over my genital region.

>> ^Yogi:
Not a Ginger Fan?

that's becuase gingers have no soul"

written by mxxcon

Comments like this ARE NOT FUNNY I should know as I have been re educated by some of the most intellectual video sift users as to what is funny and what is not.

I just feel that if we don’t nip this racism in the bud video sift will turn into some sort of YouTube/live leak website.


comment up and down votes

I have noticed that comments get voted up and then voted down , to the point that they then become neutral again when infarct they are different from neutral because they motivated people to vote them up and vote it down as aposed to just neglect it.

It would be cool if it had 2 separate numbers one as a + and one as a - so you could see how many up votes and how many down votes a comment got.

Maby this happens to videos as well im not sure if it is as important for videos as you are activly trying to filter them , but as comments normaly rmain in place regardless of the raiting i think its apropreat to see how manny people voted it up and how manny voted it down.

I bring this up partly as I think its interesting to see how much of a disparity there is between sift users. Maby its possible to list the names of the comment down voters with an adress so you can send them "presents" in the mail ?


Put add words within each video Above where the comments are

due to the exstreem differences of topics on the main pages of the sift add words are unlikely to be for links that people want to click.

however if adds were within the clips individual page it is more likely that they will relate to the topic of a video increasing the likely hood that sum one will click them.

Its comunity click on adds day !! WEEEEEE

Click on the adverts, the ING one and the stupid space game one i believe are Google adds i think the space one pays 0.25 USD as i have it on my blog, only click it once or evil Google will be annoyed at the sift.



could have a rent a top video spot where basically it costs , $1USD and that makes the vid in that spot (on homepage at the top ) whatever vid you want it to be. but sum one can change it instantly for 1USD , its basically whoever last payed 1USD gets to choose what it is. you could have a vote thing with it so everyone can vote it down if they think its crap so say if it got -100 votes it would revert to previous video as a way to avoid compleaty shit clips taking up the slot for long periods of time. you would make it clear with some sort of frame that it was different from the rest of the sift.

There should be more adverts on the sift

I like the sift as a website And see nothing wrong with websites making money, I think the sift should have more advertisements.

Good places to put them could be ,

1)between videos every 5 clips or so

2)After videos are played the vid space loads in an advert
not all videos but every now and again.

3)Every 7 or so video comments , and advert at bottom of comments section.

I think the sift should defiantly have more adverts , not go spam crazy but at least put a few Txt adverts or defiantly enough to make the sift more profitable.

Cat Video's Yes or No ?

Can we have a poll on Cat video's I'm undecided as to if i like them or not. in some ways i think the obsession with cats has gone to far what about the other animals ? its true cats can be funny and cute but Manny other creatures can be as well so why discriminate why has this meme got stuck on cats ?

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