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Incredibly offensive racist post.

Despite the video sifts firm stance on racism, the Dark evil has returned and it appears that the vidualent community members have completely missed it.

I was enjoying a cup of tea and watching some clips and I read this, cussing me to spill my beverage down my front and over my genital region.

>> ^Yogi:
Not a Ginger Fan?

that's becuase gingers have no soul"

written by mxxcon

Comments like this ARE NOT FUNNY I should know as I have been re educated by some of the most intellectual video sift users as to what is funny and what is not.

I just feel that if we don’t nip this racism in the bud video sift will turn into some sort of YouTube/live leak website.


Vid sift podcast

I'm thinking it would be cool to do a sift podcast every week or month could talk about some of the most popular sifts which would enviably lead to discussions on religoin/politics/art/comedy. maby some community members could take it up?

just an idea

uni shooter clip downvoted missed opertunity for discussoin

Hi a vidoe with the shooter from the recent school shooting was submited to the sift . now this vidoe was discarded due to downvotes. however the people who down voted this did on the grounds that the shooter should not get the publicity. it seems on the basses that thay belive other people would coppy it to get famus. personly i dont think people will go out and coppy stuff bassed of a clip. and realy i feal there was a missed opertunity for discorse over the clip whitch would alow people to gain a better view on the shooters motivatoins and resoins. allso varouse other issues the clip raises.



I have a vary serous complaint about video sift and I think it’s about time I brought it to everyone’s attention. I am spending far too much time watching video clips when I should be doing other things. And I believe that video sift is depriving me and many other people of a varied life. Shame on you shame.

Just to wish everyone a good new year and I hope everyone is having a good time with there lives!

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