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BANanarama - Cruel Autumnal Equinox

I say we should ban everyone and start over. Dag and Lucky can morph into one Borg-hybrid of Siftbot. Choggie can rule with an iron slate and a blank fist. KP can TP the Sift Chat. Ant can lord over us with his six phalanges of downvote doom.

Netrunner can vulcanize the rubber stamps and get things moving, but only to the left. Rottenseed can go fuck himself, and we can all upvote the video of it while making funny comments that give us 15 one-handed claps from a masturbatory gwiz.

Issy and DFT can scratch the catnip towers and watch the servers melt into Three-Eleven oblivion yet again, while civilizations and civilized discourse are marred and scarred by Captain Planet, or is it Picard?

Zif can nab another top spot on the chutes and ladders of successful upvotes, while Farhad finds 2000 obscure references to cop culture, or enough to bring MG back home from the clutter of Middle Eastern oil sputtering derricks a-plenty.

All the while, thinker can leave on his socialist left-turn blinker, long enough to make QM sardonic, don't you think? It's like raining men on your traditional wedding day.

Ban them all, I say! Ban them all and let Dag sort them out. Sayeth the Lard, I can haz Amenz?

Re: My siftquisition of peggedbea and subsequent hobbitting

peggedbea left a rude, personal attack on my page:

"kentucky called, they need you to go back and mouth rape your cousins some more. theyre sick of watching her eat."

So I called a Siftquisition on her, as she broke FAQ 33:

"Please avoid personal attacks. It's okay to criticize ideas but refrain personal insults."

Granted, I also broke the rule, and in response she could have called a Siftquisition. But she did not. Instead, she retorted by breaking the rule. So I called a Siftquisition on her for it. And what happened?

It was deleted and I was hobbitted by gwiz665.

He says this on my profile:

You have been hobbled, do not continue your abuse of the sift. Thank you.
"Do Not call a Siftquistion for:

* a violation by a probationary account (they may be instabanned, banned in Sift Talk, or brought to the attention of an admin)
* minor infractions
* personal reasons
* retaliation
* practical jokes

Be aware that overzealous or spurious Siftquisitions are themselves violations and may result in the Siftquisitioner being Siftquisitioned

However, I did not break that rule when I Siftquisitioned peggedbea. I had valid reason, as stated here:

Call a Siftquisition to bring an established member before the community for a hearing because of:
a violation of the VideoSift guidelines

Therefore, I demand that I be unhobbitted, and allowed to rejoin the Fellowship of the Sift.

Burdturgler Takes Forever, But Finally Reaches 100-Star!

Netrunner's illegitimate sockpuppet (and KP's latest love interest) finally reached his 100 star, after five minutes of sifting, and we couldn't be prouder if Mr. Hankey himself had come down from God's butt and christened himself Peanut King of the Sift.

So visit Mr. Turgler's queue and enjoy his many wondrous shits, I mean sifts.

Congratulations are in order, as I'm sure you will be the first to hand blankfist some of your own a$$grav33.

Good job, Turd Ferguson!

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