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Injustice in the Coffee Contest. Is this video about Coffee or not?

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  (9 votes)
  (9 votes)
  (23 votes)

A total of 55 votes have been cast on this poll.

One of the sift overlords (who shall remain un-named lest bannination for personal attack be forthcoming, but whose handle rhymes with Plucky Heaven Sexy), has disqualified our current #1 video, This is because this unelected and un-appointed technocrat has unilaterally determined that the primary focus of the video is not coffee at all!

I submit that Coffee is the sole focus of not only the video, but of its protagonist. Never have I seen a film portray the single-purpose mind of a person who NEEDS coffee, lest DEATH befall him!

This poll is of course non-binding due to the obvious dictatorial predilections of said overlord. What say ye, Sifters?

Should Keith Olbermann lay off of his really poor voice imitations?

  (39 votes)
  (4 votes)
  (2 votes)
  (3 votes)
  (4 votes)

A total of 52 votes have been cast on this poll.

Keith has long been a favorite of the Liberal-biased majority here at Videosift. His voice imitations of such right-wing luminaries as Limbaugh, Beck and Papa O'Reilly are a frequent part of his editorial pieces, and many feel that not only do they suck, but they obscure the quality and diminish the importance of what is actually being said.

What do you think?
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