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"Daily Show" finally getting its own online archive, which launches in the fourth quarter, will archive the entire video history of the show including headlines, interviews and the "Back in Black" feature. The portal also will present the previous evening's episode in its entirety an hour or two after its broadcast.

No mention if the clips will be embeddable.

delenda est

It's quantummushroom's newest bit of hate speech, and I don't think the community should tolerate it anymore.

"delenda est" means "must be destroyed", and QM has so far applied it to Mecca, Tehran, and Fallujah inside VideoSift posts.

Would the mods please act? Thank you.

Best misheard lyric ever. EVER.

OK, I posted the video to Janet Jackson's "If" (to little fanfare) and read this today in the comments:

"This song always grossed me out because of this lyric:

'I'll make you throw up and then I'll ask who it belongs to.'

Maybe the worst lyric I've ever heard, and it's part of the chorus."

OK, now that you've stopped laughing, the actual lyric is:

I'd make you call out my name

I'd ask who it belongs to

I'm not picking on you, budzos, I swear; it just cracked me up.

I would've thought you would've taken more offense to:

Your smooth and shiny

Feels so good against my lips, sugar

I want you so bad I can

Taste your love right now, baby

...which actually IS talking about what you think it is.

Enough, already.

Would the dead link police please stop going through my list of published videos? I've received dozens of e-mails the last few days.

It's just a website, nerds.
You don't get a free decoder ring for being on the Top 15, mmkay?

Fans of "The Shield" on FX...

...rejoice! A 15-minute "promosode" is available to watch for free here.

(Sadly, the video is not Sift-able.)

You do have to register with the site, but it's well worth it - this is not a clip montage from last season; it's almost entirely all-new content in advance of the 6th season premiere on April 3rd, . New Oscar-winner Forrest Whitaker will continue to appear for an undisclosed number of episodes.


A "sports" channel?

Was that so obvious that we missed it? Lord knows there are plenty of sports clips already on the Sift, and it is commonplace enough to be a section of our daily newspapers and local newscasts. Should be plenty of material for it in the future, as well...

To those complaining about too much "Daily Show"...

...I think a "solution" has just been presented.
I just realized that some of Comedy Central's clips expire after two weeks of air -- far as I can tell so far, it's more the scripted material on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, not the celebrity interview part of those shows.


The website sez:

What does the "expired" date mean?

Due to licensing agreements we're unable to keep this clip available on the site past the expiration date. We hope you enjoy it while we have it up.

Why isn't "Deep Throat" or "Debbie Does Dallas" on the Sift?

I mean, c'mon - these are important historical artifacts of our time, man! They led not only to a multi-billion dollar industry, but a reexamination of our sexual mores, not to mention paving the way for technologies that would allow the most pathetic of men to have an orgasm in the comfort of his own house!

You know what I think? I think this is a grand conspiracy by our Judeo-Christian masters who secretly run this planet in a bunker far below the Vatican, and sadly, they have finally corrupted dag and the rest of the crew. Don't think that you can wipe the world clean of important pornological documents in some kind of 1984-esque sweep, you monsters - I still have my old Betamaxes!!!

What's next?? Are they going to keep Jenna Jameson locked up forever?!? Don't think we can't find her, you bastards!!!

Oh, cruelty - the stain upon history, that classic porn will never be seen upon this website! There's just got to be someplace else on the internet we can find porn, brothers! Fight the power, man! Fight the power!!!



inspired by:

OK, so the Saddam video is officially "out there"...

Comedy Central removing all vids from YouTube

October 30, 2006 -- THOUSANDS of video clips from Jon Stew art's "Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Report" were yanked off the popular YouTube website over the weekend.

Apparently, a copyright claim from Comedy Central, the cable channel that airs the two news spoof shows, forced YouTube to take down what may be the most heavily watched videos on the site.

Clips too from "South Park" - another Comedy Central show -were gone.

Instead, when people clicked on links for those clips, they got a stark message: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."...

How does one...

...turn off e-mail notifications of videos you've favorited?

I can't find the option to turn it off on my profile or in the e-mails.
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