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Should Catsanddogs be changed to Pets?

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A total of 52 votes have been cast on this poll.

Since most people agree that Catsanddogs isn't a good name should we change it to Pets like Sarzy suggested?
Pets would be a much better name since that is pretty much exactly what the channel is for, videos of pets. Other domesticated animals are also allowed but videos of wild animals don't really fit into this channel and should be in *Nature.

The random music game

Now, we have played this game before but I though it would be fun to do it again.

The rules are the same as last time:

1. Set your music player(itunes, ect.) to random and press play.
2. Write down the first ten tracks that play and post the list here.
3. Be honest. If something embarrassing comes up, you must write it down, that is half the fun.
4. You may skip anything that isn't music.

Idea about *dupeof.

I know that to call *dupeof on a video you need to have 250 or more starpoints but shouldn't we be able to call *dupeof on our own videos even if we don't have that many starpoints? We can *kill our videos so shouldn't we be able to call *dupeof on them as well?

Oh, and since I have your attention can somebody fix this dead video with the embed from my dupe. (Apparently I misspelled "helicopter" in two different ways.)

Guessandcheck is Gold, GOLD muhaha GOLD!!

Guess what! We have another goldmember among us.
After almost 17 months and about 960 votes guessandcheck has just received his gold star.

A member since april 2007 this he hasn't been lazy either. Over 3800 votes cast and 10 playlists created.
I suggest you check out his personal queue, it's nice and chubby the way I like it.
And don't forget his sifted videos.
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