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Excerpt From Matt Taibbi's New Book on Christian Right

Came across this while crawling through the interwebs tonight.

"... more inside ...

Fortenberry then started in on a rant against science and against scientific explanations for cycles of sin. "Take homosexuals," he said. "Every single homosexual is a sexual-abuse victim. They are not born. They are created — by pedophiles."

The crowd swallowed that one whole."

The rest of the chapter can be found at
Definitely going to be the next book I read, once I finish Infidel.

Did something happen to the search feature?

I was trying to pull up the 60 Minutes piece on how none of the politicians were discussing the looming crisis with the national debt, so I put in "Ron Paul 60 Minutes". I got back 23 pages of hits. After scrolling through 5 pages I gave up and tried 60 Minutes and Ron Paul seperately with similar results. When I clicked over to Youtube "60 Minutes" brought it up as the first video. I don't remember the search feature being that spotty in the past. What gives?
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