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Need a way to remove a channel from a video

So, as far as I know, the only way to remove a channel from a video is to nochannel and then relist all the channels bar the one you want to remove.

This is painful.

Can there not be a * removechannel=badchannel command?

Or does this exist and is yet another example of Videosift having no good documentation/help?

Things in one country that would be offensive in others?

So, there's been a lot of conversation of late about what is and isn't offensive. I thought that it might be interesting to get a little bit of perspective on things that some of us find offensive that others don't.

To that end I'd like to know of things that you have in your country that you know would be offensive in other countries, OR things that you've seen in other countries that would never be allowed in yours.

To get the ball rolling, here in Australia we have a very popular cheese called 'Coon'.

Youtube really pissing me off these days

I am so sick of the myriad of insanely annoying things youtube does these days.

* Making the default embed have no fullscreen option, so most embedded videos these days are unable to be fullscreened unless you go to Youtube. Is this trying to force people to their site? Nasty

* Buffering issues. I don't know what's going on, but every few videos I'll get one that just refuses to download quickly, to the point where I give up trying to watch it as it appears like it's going to take half an hour to download (and yet most start up instantly and have no issues)

* Their INSANELY annoying resolution switching when you go from normal size to fullscreen... I HATE this. Start playing a video, think 'this is good, I'll watch it fullscreen', have it stop buffering what it was doing, throw away that and switch to 480p and start buffering again. THEN, I've even had it switch BACK to lower res if I go back out of fullscreen. (In fact I'm having this issue RIGHT NOW, trying to watch the Adam Savage video, each time I change from full screen to not or back, it stops, changes the res from 480-360 or 360-480 and rebuffers, even if it's loaded the entire damn video already.... DAMN it youtube, give me the option to have videos ALWAYS load at 480... just LET ME! I'll switch manually to HD if I want to see it real purty like, but just let it load at 480 and stop this constant reloading rubbish)

* I have a dual monitor setup here at work, and I like to sometimes have a video playing in one monitor while I code on the other. It seems like it's just recently changed that I can't do that, because if I click anywhere on my second monitor it makes the youtube video drop out of fullscreen.

All round ARRRRGH youtube, fricken ARRRRGH. You are making watching videos an intense pain in the butt.

Vimeo Embed not working, being replaced after embed?

Ok, this is odd... I just posted this video from vimeo... and when I first pasted the embed code:
<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/39111006" 
width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen
mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

I get the embed ok.

But then after I ok the video I get nothing on the screen where the video should be, and the embed code has changed to:
<object id="915773461" width="500" height="375">

No matter how many times I try to paste the embed in, it keeps getting switched to this invalid code that looks to be meant for use on the vimeo site only, not externally.

Issues with VideoSift

Oh oh... there's some issues going on. I wanted to post to lucky or dag's profiles, but one of the issues is that no user pages are coming up due to

Syntax Error in template "/var/www/videosift.com/varo/SmartyData/./templates/member/profile.tpl" on line 4 "{include file=member/themerizer.tpl}" - Unexpected ".", expected one of: "}" , " "

So... there's that.

But the thing I wanted to post about is that over the last couple of weeks, on a number of times, I've not been able to reach VideoSift for blocks of time. The page I get is:
Website Offline, No Cached Version Available

The website you are trying to access is currently offline. The most likely causes are the server is down for maintenance, there may be a network problem, or the site may be experiencing excessive load.

The site uses CloudFlare in order to help keep it online when the server is down by serving cached copies of pages where they are available. Unfortunately, a cached copy of the page you requested is not available, but you may be able to reach other cached pages on the site.

If you continue to receive this error after you believe the site is back online, you can retry a live version of the site.

Is CloudFlare a bit crap? Or is something else going on? By the text the whole point of CloudFlare is to stop messages like that actually ever happening, so seems a bit odd.

Australian Sci Fi Show needing funding...

Heard about this show on local radio last night, checked out their pilot episode, thought it looked entertaining (although very TV, they were originally aiming for a motion picture, they've failed there in a number of ways)...

I've pledged a bit of money on their kickstarter page as I'd enjoy seeing a Science Fiction show created in my home town (Melbourne) getting on the air...

It's called Welcome to the Cosmos and it's basic premise is that four people from the suburbs are accidentally taken on board a starship... hijinks ensue.

Their kickstarter page would be located roughly here. They're a long way from their $50K goal at present, so it looks like they could do with all the support they can get...

Melbourne Siftup (with Dag): This Saturday!

Hi All,

A little while back I posted about an upcoming Melbourne Siftup

Well, the date is now chosen: Saturday, 12th November.

Meeting at 4pm at 20 Meyers Place, followed by dinner at a place of everyone's choosing (although there is a pretty darn spiffy Argentinian restaurant that's opened up next door to 20 Meyers just a week ago... just sayin')

Those who will be in attendance are myself, @kymbos, @dag, @persephone, @oritteropo and others are possible rope-ins also.

Who wouldn't love to come and discuss the Secrets of the Sift with its illustrious founder, ask persephone what he is really like, and sample the fine cuisine and drinking that Melbourne has to offer?

Announcing Melbourne, Australia Siftup. With Dag attending.

Helllooo out there.

After some discussions between @kymbos, @dag and myself it has been decided that a Siftup in the wondrous city of Melbourne, Australia is a long time overdue.

Dag has made himself available for one day only 'down south' on Saturday, October 8th. Which is, well, a ways off now, but this is our first clarion call to the community to let you know that this is occurring, and to put it in your Google calendars, or Outlook, or scribbled down on a piece of coffee stained paper you have lying around on your desk.

... more inside ...

Wiki? Manual? How To?

Ok, am I blind, do we actually have this somewhere and I don't know where to look (which is a problem in and of itself)?

Where are the instructions on how to use all the various features that the privilaged few have?

How do you replace a thumbnail of a video if you are not the video creator?
How do you provide an alternative embed?
How do you tag Amazon items?

How do you do all these things? I know they can be done but I'm buggered if I can sift through all the old sift talk posts to find the one announcement of it that says how you do it.

Come on guys, a bit of doco wouldn't go astray.

Enable iFrame embeds?

So... seeing as vimeo's default is now an iFrame, and I noticed a YouTube embed I just did also defaulted to an iFrame, shouldn't videosift start supporting these before it stops being an option to not use iframes?

Holy crap tell me this is a joke? Please... this isn't real!

"Galileo Was Wrong is a detailed and comprehensive treatment of the scientific evidence supporting Geocentrism, the academic belief that the Earth is immobile in the center of the universe. Garnering scientific information from physics, astrophysics, astronomy and other sciences, Galileo Was Wrong shows that the debate between Galileo and the Catholic Church was much more than a difference of opinion about the interpretation of Scripture. "

Galileo Was Wrong.

People are this deluded, and this driven to make other people deluded? Fricken hell!

Duke Nukem Forever ACTUALLY coming out!!!

Holy maloney! Duke Nukem Forever made a surprise appearance at PAX, with fully playable code... It's been taken over by Gearbox Software, who have, you know, actually released games in the past 12 years, so that's a good sign.

Being realeased next year.

Pretty amazing stuff, I look forward to seeing if it can come even 5% of the way up to meet people's expectations.

Who else here has done some animation?

So, I was reading youdiejoe's blog the other day and saw that he'd done a lego animation with his kid:

LEGO Star Wars stop motion with the boy from youdiejoe on Vimeo.

Which seemed to be an amazing coincidence, because I had done one with my boys the same weekend it would seem:

And then, a few weeks later I got my boys to do the actual animation themselves (rather than me doing it in the previous one), well, I took the photos, they moved everything :
... more inside ...

Is Obama really a Marketing Creation?

OK, are the things said in this video speech by John Pilger that seems to be doing the rounds amongst a certain group of netizens


I'm really, really busy at work at present, and haven't the time to look into all the claims against Obama, and I know that the sift has many strident supporters and also those who dislike him.

What say you all as to the veracity of these claims?

Change Request: Remove profile posts from public feeds

Thanks to the enormous bru-ha-ha over one user's comment on another user's profile being read by a third user via the discussions/latest comment panel I propose that all profile comments are removed from public streams.

I don't feel that one user commenting directly to another user via their profile should be spread around the site for all to see, it makes little sense from a community perspective. What interest in these comments should people actually have?

I can't make this a poll, but could people weigh in here with whether they have any issue with this being implemented, because I can't see any reason to not remove these comments from all public streams at all.

Your loyal companion... Spoco2

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