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@spoco2 has proposed a channel named *Internet, described as follows:
The history and impact (past and present) of the wondrous Internet and World Wide Web. The place to come and marvel at how this thing we now take for granted came into being, and also gasp at how it's still changing the world today.
Should this channel be activated?

Spoco2 Has No Answers, but 100 Stars

Spoco2 Has No Answers, but 100 Stars

(Pretend there is a flashy image here instead of a tag and that things are all nice and celebratory! )


Not much is known about this mysterious sifter, at least to me! That just goes to show I should be paying more attention as our dear spoco2 has now hit 100 stars!

When not playing the guitar and staring into the camera with those soulful, puppydog eyes, this valued sifter is sneaking in an eclectic variety of videos - but seeing as he is from Melbourne, you can bet he's part of the worldwide Australian conspiracy.

Congratulate him today on his achievements! But be careful, and never turn your back - chewed up slippers will be the least of your worries!

So be sure to visit their pqueue and sifts to try and measure the soul of this pooch!

Study show Parents More Concerned About Violent Video Games


There has been many stories about this... However I thought I would give my thoughts on this...

This has to be an overexageration in my eyes... To think that parents are more concerned of violent video games than Alcohol, drug, gangs, guns, Pornography, etc. is just... I'm at a loss of words, though I can understand why...

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a gamer (and failed horribly at trying to take over the video game channel) and I will admit that about 7/10 games I play have violence, guns, blood, and/or horrible death sequences... If I had a younger brother or sister, I would be making it a top priority to ensure that my games would get in their hands (unless if they are suitable for them)... But in this case, it is a simple idea of parents saying that they can't simply keep these games out of their kids hands and believe that they aren't going to notice this...

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