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Steam coupons

I have some Steam coupons from the past winter holiday sale, expiring March 1st.
If anyone wants the following, reply to this thread them PM me your steam username or email you use for Steam.

1) Far Cry 2 - full game.
2) 50% off any Valve title

Rollover ads

I've seen at least 3 ads on videosift sidebar that are of the style "rollover to learn more" and then when you accidentally move your mouse across (hard to avoid) it expands covering nearly the whole window, loads a video (slow) and often doesn't have the close button clickable right away.

I thought these all disappeared a few years ago because they were bad netiquette (sorry, I hate that word too) - why are they back ?

Anyone know of a Firefox setting, add-on, or plugin that prevents flash from detecting rollover ? I think IE had changed a default behavior that you have to click on the flash object before it could detect rollover - just because of these annoying ads.
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